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Become like a lighthouse...

Summer Bacon, Dr Peebles.


"Become like a lighthouse! Shine your light brightly, and guide others safely to the shore of love!"

—Dr. Peebles




This day marks this page as the 'Share Hope to help starving children in Sierra Leone, West Africa & other places around the Globe.

See details here, if led... www.paulfb.com

# 30 ) 2/15/20 Alright 'my Dear Friends', as we hear this in synchro on the terror video seen here at the 'Share Hope 4 Awl' page of the day. James Martin, MD invites us here: www.tinyurl.com/DrPeebles777 (You;re here) Thank You Good kind & gentle physician of Light & Love. God Bless You!! <3 ) As listed here: www.paulfb.com/444480778 Simply scroll down to The Ultimate Master's area. <3 😎

"Love is the only answer to anything, because it is the only thing that is real. The rest is an illusion of separation from the very thing that is YOU."

Dr. James Martin Peebles

May 16, 2019 ·

"Go… do…see… laugh… eat… live… love… learn… express… listen… hold… hug… nurture…care. All of these are the gifts that God gives to you.


January 14, 2019

Added 5/23/19



Dr. James Martin Peebles

May 13, 2016 ·

"Are you, my dear friends, are you strong enough, are you aware enough, are you willing to share of yourself with the world, to let yourself be seen by the world? Ask yourself the question, 'Why do I hold back on my perspectives? What am I ashamed of here? Am I really so ashamed of my own truth that I do not want to share it? Am I afraid to speak up because I’m trying to figure out how people are going to receive me before I allow for them to even have a chance?' Goodness gracious, my dear friends! Have a little courage, and have a little faith that if you are feeling something inside, and you want to share it, and you are aware that it’s bubbling up rather strongly within, then take a little chance: share it with the world! And, do so with compassion."

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October, 2015

Greetings & Welcome to the Dr Peebles' page. This visit will surely leave you much informed and enlightened and we dare say ~ joyful, indeed, if one allows it.

Thank Ya's for being here.








"There is no death; there is only change.

There is no failure; there is only growth."

~Dr. James Martin Peebles,

To Dance With Angels


Don and Linda Pendleton



Greetings Infinite Ones.

All invited to see Dr Peebles' contribution to this page


"IT IS DONE." Eternal Moment To Celebrate Is NOW> The Eternal Moment Is Forever.


Thank You beloved Dr Peebles. <3 )

We asked the universe for a perfect song to put here and a song we had on tabs showed up. If led, would you join us in listening to scribe's favourite

The Allman Brothers Band with Duane - 'In Memory of Elizabeth Reed' - Fillmore East - .1970

Thank you Robert J. Fuller for sharing on Yt.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band. Rep All The Wonderful, beautiful, crazy, in a good way,

God created creatures named 'Human Beings.' Congratulations Humans, We Win. hands down. )

On Be-Whole of Dr Peebles, Humanity's Outspoken Loving Advocate ~ See Ya's at the jubilee...


& the new Grateful Fun Love jubilee here: www.paulfb.com

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Indeed. <3 )



With extra special 'Thanks & God Bless" to Dr Peebles for his deft assistance...

The following is brought over from the blog page:


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Yahoo images/

Who wants to meet on a turquoise sea beach. Everyone's invited. )

Hmm looks like Dakarra's place...)


Another thing we must share.

we were paying some bills awhile ago and going thru our bookmarks when suddenly this page showed up. Obviously the universe

and esp our beloved guide, mentor & friend Dr Peebles came around. And of course if He's there for Paul, He's there for All in Our - God''s

oneness team where no one is left out or behind. Take a look here...


We love these synchronistic occurrences and of course we ordered that book and then went & paid our bill.

This little episode will be shared at Dr Peebles site.


Dr encourages everyone who has not heard His reading with Paul thru the very gifted Intuitive Consultant Jim Law.

to do one's 'homework' so to speak and listen to that reading which features Jesus Christ, Mom, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon & Jerry Garcia.coming thru.

Also, we were going to put a music tape into the BB a while ago and did the old reach blindly from behind and pick out the perfect tape that the universe would have us listen to and

what was it but the reading Paul had with Michael El legion in 1993. (we just turned it over & now listening to the other side.)

So, its obvious Spirit is doing Its part in bringing forth certain tools to help wake up humanity. Some of what we're typing here is parallel with words coming out on this tape e.g. waking humanity up. etc. Here's link... (and just again now the words as we proofread this.)

Addendums to the following...

7/16/17 & 7/18/17 & 7/20//17

Getting our 'ducks in a row' as Wall St titans say...

So, it is recommended and all are invited to take the 6 pack tour...Hope en-joy. )

First, though, spirit says 'put me here.' We're doing all this together, dear Bro Paul, as you well know.


--- A highlight accompanies each sharing as spirit is doing this w Paul, fyi.

Starts with this reading w Ashtar thru the clear 'telephone line' Michael Ellegion. TY Ashtar & Michael Ellegion

---Hear how yours truly first took earth embodiment 500 million years ago.


And why not share some good news.

---Have we forgotten, my dear friends what The Lord's Prayer really says. Looks like we have, but we can catch up w His wishes w right leadership. i.e Jesus.

--- See 'Urgent Message' delivered to a channel, Chapel Tibet, from Paul's future self, (this 2017 version,) in 1995. TY Chapel Tibet for allowing this transmission.


Jesus, did the deal go down?

---Jesus energetically coming thru Paul w a verdict. TY Jesus for endorsing with no hesitation whatsoever. Indeed.


Look, up in the sky, Hey Jerry. Everybody loves you, man He says don't miss these, esp the next 2 sharings... )

P pic.

from Sept 2012 reading w Jim Law TY Jim Law.

--- Take yerself to the seashore or the forest, etc nature will bless us. Indeed, works for us. )

---But nothing compares to a hug w Jesus. We can share this, team. It's meant to be shared, right Jesus? ( ) It's at 42:33 right after Jerry Garcia. )


From July 2013

---Wow, w Dr Peebles as 'gatekeeper' we hear from Jesus, Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia and John Lennon. What a 'heavenly row.' OMG. TY to All... <3

--- 'Beyond our wildest dreams.' Waiting on you, folks. Make 'Heaven on Earth' or continue down mediocrity road.

---Maybe, as Bob Marley sang..it's time to 'get up stand up' and be the best we can be. Indeed. TY Bob 'Great Lion of God' Marley.


From September 2013. Our first video and only one til 3 years later...

---Not just Nanci deserves a free, God given car or a skateboard, but all the good people God created. It is written. TY Nanci for being a Noah. )


(end of 6 pack and addendum)

The above links are shared here... tons of 'Good News' here...


And finally a page with good stuff considered essential. including a 'donate' button if you want to support this

site til we all wake up and embrace the cashless society. We're eternal beings, guys, the cash can't last forever, like us.


Ok, my dear friends, in closing ...Think free & we will all be free. Free Triumphs fear, now & always.

Choose your path wisely, rest assured this time we're getting it RIGHT.. and talk soon. Cheers. )

Rec & fin


12:33 a.m.



The above is

Now' a 7 pack , my dear friends, as the following taken from www.paulfb.com/441358584 goes here. Thank You Dr Peebles.

'They' say timing is everything, so on this beautiful Sunday morning (Now January 14th, 2019 at 2:11 a.m. ) The humble scribe gets

to finally share this extraordinary reading with Leslee Jo and The Akashic Record Keepers.

Thank You God and Leslee Jo Klinsky and The Akashic Record Keepers for this awesome reading.

from January 7, 2009.


God says this goes here.* Your wish is my Command, God. <3 )

* wherever it may serve.

We do so agree with the following words of Dr Peebles. We Can 'fix' this world, folks, if we all work and play together as a team.



Dr James Martin Peebles.

"We are going to put you all on a diet! It’s called the ‘I’ve got to be me’ diet. And you are going to give yourselves a nice healthy helping of self everyday, because that’s where your life begins, with every breath that you breathe. That’s all ya got! You’ve got you, and you may as well start embracing that now, because that’s what you’ve got for the rest of your life and beyond. Why not love yourself? Why not fall in love there? Why not look in the mirror and be thankful for what you’ve got? You are alive here upon the earth! Your world is not so broken that it can’t be fixed. But, it starts within you."

From: Dr James Martin Peebles through Summer Bacon (Since 1994)




Dr. James Martin Peebles.

"In this month, understand that every breath that you take matters. As you breathe in, and you breathe out, your expression of self in the world matters. Every word, every thought, every action truly matters, because it is all part of the change that is happening within the collective consciousness of mankind. You are not separate from anyone, you are all in this together. You are dancing and expressing yourselves together to the world, and to the universe, and to the solar systems and other planets, and other beings beyond that. You are all connected in a large beautiful dance of expression, and change, and growth."


"You, at your core, are the most beautiful being upon this school called planet earth. And, so is everyone else. Everyone is equally important; every single being upon the earth is equally important. There are those who provide you with contrasts so that you can understand yourself in a much deeper fashion. There are those who will provide these contrasts so you can awaken, so that you can look at, and see, and reveal, the life that is within you. It is very important in this time period that you keep that light shining brightly in the world, because there will be those who say, ‘No, it’s a dark time! It’s a terrible time upon this school called planet earth! There is no point! No purpose! It’s all falling apart.’ And you will say ‘No, this is the beginning of something new. Everything is being torn down so that we can now be built closer to God.’

"Remember this within your heart. Remember this during this time. It is a transitional period for the earth, for humanity, for the universe. Everything is in a state of incredible expansion now, and so there will be what you see as upheaval upon the earth, but it is because of grand and glorious change. So, remember."

[Excerpt from October Seasons of the Soul teaching. Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon.]


October 2016 Seasons of the Soul • All About Change • mp3

Dr. Peebles channeled through Summer Bacon




Excerpts from July 2016 Seasons of the Soul

God Has No Criteria for Loving You

Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

You want a more peaceful world? Be more peaceful. You want a more loving world? Be more loving. You want to see the world being fair? Be fair. You want to see the world less hungry? Feed someone.


Be bold in loving. Be bold in acknowledging one another. Be bold in acknowledging the differences. Stop struggling against the fear. Stop struggling against the pain. You are not going to be able ever to eradicate every person on the earth who does not match your opinions. It will never occur. The only way that you are ever, on this earth, ever going to live in peace is to celebrate one another, to celebrate life, that you are alive upon the earth at the very same time, that you are human beings sharing a planet that has resources for everyone. You have so much that you can learn from one another.

If you want to understand how to create change in your world, talk to people. Ask their opinions. Listen to them and you will learn. Listening to someone’s opinions does not mean that you have to accept them as your own, but you listen to one another to learn about each other, to learn about what makes Uncle Bob do what he does. What makes Sam the terrorist the sort of person that he is?

Do not fill your mind, your heart, your words with hate; instead, embrace understanding. Strive to understand the character of the person who is hurting so much inside that they must lash out in the world. God is not creating the wars. God does not call you home. God does not kill. God breathes life into everyone and everything. But it is up to you to express that; acknowledge that beautiful opinion of the universe.

“God, what do you think of me?”

“I love you.”

“God, what do you think of that person over there though; they just killed somebody?”

“I love them.”

“But how can you love someone who’s killed someone?”

“I just do, because it’s right. I love them.”

God is not out to squash humanity like so many ants. God loves you, my dear friends. God cries out to you in answer to every prayer.

“God, what do I do? How do I manage? How can I change this?”

God responds, “Love.”

“But God, how can I change this?”


And that, my dear friends, is the answer, the constant answer, and the only answer to every question, every prayer that you have in your life.

[Originally shared on FB Dr Peebles page ~ managed by Summer Bacon 7/19/16]


Thank You Summer Bacon.



Good Morning Folks,

Alright, we woke up on this beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving & adventurous day with this song playing in our head & it reminded us of this sharing by

Dr Peebles. Could we do anything else to get the day started than to share this 'good stuff' here? Nope,.w Mom & Dr Peebles & God, paul didn't stand a chance, however, it is his pleasure to share; that's what we do here at His site. Right? Indeed, Yes. so here we go guys. Hope ya's en-joy. )

Thank you kiddos videos for sharing on YT.

Thank You Ruth Gordon, Bud Cort, Cat Stevens & You who watched this. As Dr Peebles said in the above- Celebrate You, Celebrate all of us because God loves us and we can do nothing to dissuede that, so might as well sing it out, dance, and celebrate what He has in store for us, His beloved children. Can you say "Yes?" Awesome. )



God Bless You, I Love You Everyone, Indeed.

Dr Peebles Loves Us, Folks and finally we arrive at the moment to share this at this, Dr Peebles, sharing place.

Thank you StreamingForTheSoul for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Masters ~ Summer Bacon, Karl Fink & Dr Peebles. )



His messages shared on FB.

Now"We encourage you in this month, and beyond, to choose love as often as you can. Stop comparing yourself to everybody else. Stop seeing yourself as something less than or more than, but that you just are, very unique, very beautiful and very much you. There does not need to be comparison. There is no need to be a certain weight or size or shape or color, or abide through a certain religion in order to be acceptable to the universe; nor do you have to adhere to any political party, nor do you have to be vegan or anything else for God to Love you. You are loved, plain and simple because you are love, plain and simple. That is the truth of you, that is your true nature, and once you at long last embrace that part of yourself and express it in each and every moment, in each and every day, only then will you be truly happy."

Indeed, Thank You Dr Peebles. ~

October, 2 015

Greetings & Welcome to the Dr Peebles' page. This visit will surely leave you much informed and enlightened and we dare say ~ joyful, indeed, if one allows it.



Good News from Dr Peebles...

"Love is it. Love is the answer. You, my dear friends, can celebrate it, and share it. Give the gift of yourself, your expression of love, to the world at any time. You have opportunities everywhere, and one of them is right here and now."

Thank You Dr Peebles & Summer Bacon for sharing on FB




"Are you, my dear friends, are you strong enough, are you aware enough, are you willing to share of yourself with the world, to let yourself be seen by the world? Ask yourself the question, 'Why do I hold back on my perspectives? What am I ashamed of here? Am I really so ashamed of my own truth that I do not want to share it? Am I afraid to speak up because I’m trying to figure out how people are going to receive me before I allow for them to even have a chance?' Goodness gracious, my dear friends! Have a little courage, and have a little faith that if you are feeling something inside, and you want to share it, and you are aware that it’s bubbling up rather strongly within, then take a little chance: share it with the world! And, do so with compassion."

Thank You Dr Peebles & Summer Bacon for sharing on FB


Our attempts to get the above & some other quotes by Dr Peebles to a lower text setting, seems to meet with resistance which we will not fight.

Dr Peebles does like to get his points across & be heard, we all know that. ) .At the moments here of typing this we feel his wind at our backs as we feel led to share our story as we relate to the above sharing from the good doctor.

Can we talk?

P pic.


God only asks that whatever we do down here, that we give it our best. So, in loading this picture, now... 11'26/18 just after midnight, the 'original' size is smaller than this. This is 100% Think Dr Peebles, not even mentioning God, would want me to share less than this. No way, my dear friends. ) Ok, Carry on... )

And isn;t this an excellent metaphor and divine timing to start living our 'Large' Selves. Dr Peebles says "All Spirits are Grand, Large and a word better than magnificent ~ AWESOME. Hey, guys, that's Us. Can u say 'Celebration time?'

And so, ok, paul here; in 1978 we established a platform to share what was bubbling up inside us for quite some time & finally there came a point of know return.

In other words...'do it now or remove yerself from the plan, Stan.' So we, knowing that the perfect moment was nigh, we just did it and marched into City Hall, in The City of Miracles, Coral Gables, Fl. first legal day after Veteran's Day, and registered i.e. incorporated "Far Flung Productions Ltd." a term we never consciously heard before. After incorporating w that name that just came to us, we started seeing it iin like travel pages mainly in newspapers.. So, this was/is a legal platform for Consultations, Personal & Professional.(however with an unspoken spiritual foundation, in hindsight & reflection only being shared right here, right now, even to us. ) Yes, paul, you are being "used." Indeed, ~ larger voices have always been calling, cheering- if you will, always laying down a path, a very rocky path, we must say, to follow,indeed.

we must say that a kind, compassionate universe will always give a sign, a confirmation of a good decision, taking action, doing one's God assigned- agreed upon path in life. We are all where we agreed to be, pre-birth, dear ones. Where are we meant to be at this moment in our lives? Look down, see where our feet are (if fortunate enough to have feet) (we don't take anything for granted in this schoolhouse, my dear friends) OK? This is where you are meant to be- from the beginning.

Alright, so paul got his confirmation re Far Flung Productions about 2 weeks later in Boston, Ma. Yep, after the incorporation in Florida, paul finds himself on Mass Ave in Boston looking in the front window of the Christian Science Church storefront, looking right to an open book at the preface page reading: (may not be exact, it was 38 years ago but it basically said:) "Who would you follow, creepy crawly thing or far flung star?" Case closed, confirmation received & we've never looked back.

Thanks God & TYJ.

One finds and others have written of this... that one takes a 'out on the limb' action, yes, we would cite Shirley MacLaine as being one, that may make them, well, as the first sentence in Dr Peebles quote above, says: Yep, exactly. And the the same scenario in our case occurred again in 1990 with the founding, in the sunshine state of Florida, again. "Sons & Daughters of Light." This being a decidedly without question spiritual expression of what the humble one, p, wished to

share with humanity. So, platforms laid, and life goes on an here we are today, this beauteous, wondrous, glorious & loving day, ~ 'living the dream.'. )

Dr Peebles, we so appreciate your for being the 'unstoppable Earth Angel' You are and your stepping forward to facilitate the following reading we had with Intuitive Consultant Jim Law.in 2013. Thanks again.

Dr Peebles is pleased to add more insight to this sharing with this reading with Intuitive Consultant (Ret) Jim Law where The Good Doctor acted as a 'gatekeeper'

to some distinguished invited (everyone) guests, among the announced: Jesus, Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, & John Lennon. Here's the link: All invited to take this ride with us, here we go...

Now first reading is available, from Sept 2012


From July 2013


we do heartily thank Jim Law, Dr Peebles, Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon & Most especially Jesus for coming thru & sharing their love.

Obviously, we took the advice of Dr Peebles with the artist profiles on this/ His site. we don't feel there's a whole lotta more 'wood to chop' dear friends, in fact

it feels more and more that the original 'fulcrum' idea that this site was founded on is and will continue do it's thing whether we are here or not. Just, please, know one and all that love & only love is the rhyme & reason for this site's existence and we hope it serves all who visit with that ultimate nourishment. Thank you and Thank You God ~ The Architect, The Originator, The Source of this/ His Creation with the humble servant, scribe, p pushing the buttons. And So It Is.

In the above reading Dr Peebles speaks about the travelling he had to do to get the good news about Jesus out to the world and how we can now, in this new /now/ age simply sit at our 'ethernet' - inter- net computers to cast our net sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and how He and His posse of millions are changing the world with love & music esp rock & roll. Do we need divisive politics & religions, folks? Why? When we have the infinite Love, mercy & compassion of God, right here & now.

This site recommends 'gazing' with Jesus & the other 'gazers' here:


We are God's children, dear ones, we have one agenda if we are smart and that is to take the Master Jesus' message to heart. i.e. To 'Love God & Love One Another." That's it, plain & simple. Let's put down our weapons & pick up a guitar or other instrument. Let Love & music be our path. Deal? Oh, wait a second, God, as He is doing this, His starsite page. (no webs around here) directs to the already in place page where the answer is waiting for us. Here we go... )


Thank You Jerry... )

we will also share this 1993 reading with Lord Ashtar of The Ashtar Command thru renowned channel - Michael el Legion for paul for greater clarity of where he, p, is coming from on his particular 'spiritual espionage mission of light.'


Good things come in three's so here's more good news as He runs everything here at His starsite

Thia was Created, produced, directed & acted by God. The Good God who dwells in us all. Thank You God.

Ok, so we are not limited to 3 good things, it's limitless, the good stuff He has in store for His beloved children. Ok, from somewhere, we Thank God, Jesus &

Dr Peeples we have this idea to share the 'snapshot' below from this 'Good news Docs page.


Btw, the pictures on this come and go so soon, we will have a link to share the pictures that don't show up at times

So He says share this snapshot to invite the kids to visit this page...


Jesus, did the deal go down?


Insert: 5/16/16

On a very windy day in the Boston area...

Ah, yes, things seem to be bubbling up & out according to His divine 'momenting.'

We Thank Jesus & Dr Peebles, Co Gatekeeper's of God's starsite & for the wind in our ~ all of us ~ sails. Carlos, we know you have a song, Bro...

Thank you Roger rogerjazzfan for sharing on YT.

Thank You Santana

Word is Carlos cried on hearing the playback for this masterpiece the first time. we have goosebumps, anyone else? Yeah, )

Alright, hope ya's have had a chance to listen to this information.

This sharing will be directed to at the blog page:


Thank You Dr Peebles for your 'gatekeeper' service to this site as recognized on the main front page & Summer Bacon for facilitating this 'far flung' sharing.

Richest blessings to all.

Namaste. )


Ok, Is it a synchronicity to play the song playing on YT right now. we'll take it, God knows we need all the miracles a tired, crying out to God to Help us

humanity can use right now and to the future. So here we go...

Thank you The Weeping Willow for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jefferson Starship.

And more of what the Good Cosmic Doctor ordered for God's children here..



Little Feat "Rock and Roll Doctor" 1977 Sound Check

Thank you WestLAGuy for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Lowell George and Little Feat.

The cosmic divine wind blew the above over here from here... TY God. <3 )


And replacing a sharing that did have the Bill Graham intro we give you this...

With a 'shout out' to Bill Graham who introduces the band who launch into no, not 'Paradise Waits' tho many people think

that's the name of the song. It's actually named 'Help Is On The Way" Thank You God, Jesus & the rock & roll cavalry, indeed. )

Thank you seattlemike99 foor sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Bill Graham

Help On The Way - Slipknot - Franklin's Tower 08/13/75

Thank you Grateful Dead 24/7 Wheeler for sharing on Yt.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.


We mark the moments of sharing, since there is no more 'time' moment for this sharing is:


fin 1:19 a.m.

"Get outside, little butterfly, and get some sunshine, get some movement, enjoy looking at the trees, smelling the flowers. This is a time of renewal, reacquainting yourself with the beautiful planet earth upon which you live. It is your home, my dear friends. If you do not have flowers in your yard, go get some flowers. Ask someone to give them to you! But put it into your life so that you remember that you are given the greatest gift of all by God, and that is the love within your heart. And you are given a place to express it, which is this beautiful school called planet earth that is built with walls that are mountains, and trim that is trees, and the adornments that are the birds, that are the bees, that are the butterflies."

Thank you Dr Peebles& Summer Bacon for sharing on FB.

This also shared here on April 2, 2016

"God loves each and every one of you equally, not separately; equally,wholly and completely, loving all of you at one time.

"God loves each and every one of you equally, not separately; equally, wholly and completely, loving all of you at one time.

God does not pick and choose friends."

--- Dr. Peebles.


Yahoo images

Mountain Cabin hideaway


Thank you The Ed Sullivan Show for sharing on YT.

3/17 16

11:42 p.m.

Still St Patty's day.

We know you have a song or something to lay on us Dr Peebles. The human race is 'feelin' lucky.'

Feeling lucky, paul, you said it. What's better than a smile, well we with dirty minds can think of a few things, but all good starts w smile and we found a vid last nght that is perfect for all who have a lot on their plates, but we think this guy has a us all beat, Can you do this? We can't do this. ) Only God thru this guy, one of us, can do this, Who wants to ask Him if He can help you wihYour talent that no-one else can do. Cheers, p

Will share on His blog



October, 2015

Greetings & Welcome to the Dr Peebles' page. This visit will surely leave you much informed and enlightened and we dare say ~ joyful, indeed, if one allows it.

Introducing: A true gift from God for each and every one of us ~ Everyone's Dear Friend, guide and mentor: Dr Peebles... enjoy. )

Dr. Peebles' poem from his life on earth. circ 1800s

"Speak thy thought if thou believ'st it;

Let it jostle whom it may;

E'en though the unwise scorn it,

Or the obstinate gainsay;

Every seed that grows tomorrow

Lies beneath a cloud today.

If our sires (the noble hearted

Pioneers of things to come),

Had like some been weak and timid,

Traitors to themselves, and dumb,

Where would be our present knowledge?

Where the hoped Millennium?

-James Martin Peebles, MD, MA, FAS, PhD"

Finding out about Dr Peebles:





See Dr Peebles in His site's Press Release:



Dr Peebles on Facebook: w Medium Summer Bacon

Check out latest awesome sharings like this:

"Be a demonstration of God's peace. Be a demonstration of God's love upon the earth.

Be thankful that He trusts you to be the steward of such precious gifts."


December, 2015

My Dear Friends, you are invited to hear a reading thru intuitive consultant Jim Law

that paul had featuring Dr Peebles as the gatekeeper. You simply must hear this.

( ) That's a hug. Dr Peebles is on the second reading but we recommend listening

to the first reading first. )

This is at the Site Essentials page ~ 7th one down on menu.




Now shared here:

2nd reading w Dr Peebles as gatekeeper:

From July, 2013



An essential video of Dr Peebles from You Tube now shared at the

You and me to the 5th dimension page


Thank you lovingallowance for sharing on yt.

Thank You Dr Peebles.

(If this does not automatically continue to pt 2 & 3 just go to You Tube and click on pt 2.)

Thank you Tricia Kelly for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dr Peebles.

Thank you Lois Wetzell for sharing onYT.

Thank You Summer Bacon ~ Thank You Lois Wetzell

Thank you KimberleyDumaine's Channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dr Peebles and Kimberley Dumaine

Thank you channelspirits for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Dr Peebles.

Thank you Juanita Ventura for sharing on YT>

Thank You Dr Peebles and Kim Dumaine

Thank you KimberlyDumaine's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dr Peebles and Kim Dumaine



Thank you Gigi Young for sharing on YT.

Thank You Gigi Young.

URL for thiis page:


Namaste for now, folks.

p & co.



Winter Solstice Day

Thank You beloved Dr Peebles for coming thru - like a strong winter wind & blessing our new page. All Welcome...


---As above so below...

Yahoo images.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All! Cheers )



All Welcome to the official 'wrap' page of this entire site where we are encouraged to simply live on in loving oneness forever.

And So It Is. )


P pic.

Nanci says..."Who's next?"



A tip of the hat and a Hi- 5 Dr Peebles. God Bless You in infinite abundance for Your unwavering service & love for humanity. Indeed, YES.

And So It Is.

Namaste. )