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Doug Flutie 'uncorks' The "Hail Mary" pass of the last century.

July 1, 2016

Welcome One & All to a Doug Flutie Appreciation page.

People are still talking about this moment.  Do you remember where you were when this epic Boston College  ~ U of Miami 'Battle of  the College Titans.' took place?

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Thank You Doug Flutie & Friends, i.e.  Everyone.   )  "High 5 "  ~   ~    ~    )

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Where were you, paul?  paul was living at South Beach, Miami Beach, Fl, and you weren't born yet, Lucky.  However,  that means you could have had a ring-side seat.  This was the greatest football game, college or pro, we've ever witnessed.  Fyi.  )  
Fact for  inquiring minds... paul considers  himself an alum of the U of Miami.  College ended for us there w the Kent State massacre.  There was no going back after that.  

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A Football Life - Doug Flutie [S04 EP06

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Thank You Doug Flutie & all who contributed to this documentary.

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The "Hail Mary" Pass  ~   Forever immortalized on campus of Boston College.

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Mr Doug Flutie.

Thank You Doug for being such an inspiration, showing us how to "do it" on and off the playing field.  )

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