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Doug Flutie 'uncorks' The "Hail Mary" pass of the last century.


July 1, 2016

Welcome One & All to a Doug Flutie Appreciation page.

People are still talking about this moment. Do you remember where you were when this epic Boston College ~ U of Miami 'Battle of the College Titans.' took place?

Thank you Chris Menn for sharing on YT.

Thank You Doug Flutie & Friends, i.e. Everyone. ) "High 5 " ~ ~ ~ )

Thank you 805Bruin for sharing on YT.

Thanks to all who created & contributed to this awesomeness. )

Where were you, paul? paul was living at South Beach, Miami Beach, Fl, and you weren't born yet, Lucky. However, that means you could have had a ring-side seat. This was the greatest football game, college or pro, we've ever witnessed. Fyi. )

Fact for inquiring minds... paul considers himself an alum of the U of Miami. College ended for us there w the Kent State massacre. There was no going back after that.

Thank you NFL Films for sharing on YT.

Thank You Doug Flutie & All who helped create this documentary.

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Thank you Rylan Kenan for sharing on YT.

Thank You Doug Flutie & all who contributed to this documentary.

The "Hail Mary" Pass ~ Forever immortalized on campus of Boston College..

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Doug Flutie.

Thank You Doug for being such an inspiration, showing us how to "do it" on and off the playing field. )

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Namaste. )

Now. 1/7/20

Seriously Supernatural, did you know 2020 Is The Year of the supernatural human being? Yes, That's howe we were created in the beginning, gise.

Now, the ? we R asking is... Are we, as a Grateful 2 God, Giver & Sharer of Awl things, great & small, esp the Love of HisHer only begotten Son, Jesus ~

Yeshua ~ Sananda, His 3 main names. R We having Fun Yet? It Is the 11 th Commandment strong suggestion 4 humanity at this far far junction in our

evolution of thought, dear ones. It appears 2 us of just too many chefs in the kitchen & everyone wants their particular specialty 2 be the main course.

Of course, on a small, crowded in places, planet like Gaia, we must learn how 2 work & play 2 gether nicely, as the co- created beings of God that we are.

The last thing we want is for some puffed up individuals who think they have the power to do serious harm to their enemies & too bad if the planet goes with it.

Thank God this kind of insanity is over on God's beautiful blue pearl spinning peacefully in infinite space. The Divine has come 2 the rescue. Wake up fellow

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Thank You God 4 giving us someplace 2 go. In Jesus Name. And So It Is. Namaste. <3 )