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Memorial Day

We Salute All the brave men and women  who serve and have served 
esp those who made the Ultimate Sacrifice.

The Meaning of Memorial Day.  Freedom is Never Free.

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We Salute The Heroes ~ Every first & last one of us volunteers here on The planet Love. Thank You !

U.S Marine Nick Popadiitch's Amazing Memorial Day Speech...

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Thank You Nick Popaditch and All The Veterans and and Current Troops

Now A musical Salute

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Thank you The Blue Angels & Van Halen.

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Thank You The Troops in the Field   Then, The Wallflowers and Sir David Bowie who wrote this song.

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Just around the bend, The Wallflowrs are back w 'One Headlight,'
We dedicate this song to You, Big Guy, God Jerry Garcia.  Indeed.

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Thank You The Wallflowers

p.s.  Your new name should you decide to accept is... God?  Yes, here  ya's go...

'The Headlites'  Could also be 'Jakob & The Headlites.'   )   

God has spoken,  'Congrats'  Guys.  )

So, what does God really want for us, fellow beloveds?  We'll take a wild guess & bet all our jewels since cash has left the building, Johnny Cash, himself, has walked away from that name. God doesn't bet, folks, so anyway, why don't we all arrive at some point here and all live happily ever after.  Deal?  We hope.  )

See Ya's in paradise... )