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Multimedia Grading


Portfolio, Participation, and Passion.

To be successful in multimedia you must show three things: Portfolio, Participation, and Passion.

Portfolio: The quality of your portfolio will be 50% of your grade. You will build your website throughout the year showing projects you have worked on as well as your thoughts and reflections about those projects. I expect a good looking site with a good representation of your best work along with thoughtful reflection on the process and the results.

Participation: Your participation in classroom discussions, critique, broadcasts, projects, and activities will be the other 50% You must get involved in SLAM projects, activities, the operation of the classroom, and be a good team-mate when you are in a group. You can choose the way you get involved, but you are expected to become a leader and valued member of a team as well as participate in SLAM activities.

Passion: OK there is no place in the grade book for passion but this is the most important of all because if this doesn't exist, none of the others can. You must have passion for what you do. Only you know what makes you tick, what makes you happy. I expect your projects to reflect your passions. Example: you're a skater, a basketball player, or an artist. Your weekly photos should be pictures of these things. You should make skater films, videos of games, slideshows of your paintings. Bring what you do best into your work for this class.