Fast for Nonviolence

The Fast for Nonviolence is a rolling fast where students in the San Leandro Academy for Multimedia (SLAM) create Nonviolence service projects in our school as well as in our community to promote peace and nonviolence.  During each school day of the Fast, groups of students fast for 24 hours and present their project to their classes, the school, and the world via social media.

View the Fast for Nonviolence Playlist for examples of student projects.

The dates for the 2019 Fast for Nonviolence are March 18th through March 22nd.

The theme for the 2019 Fast for Nonviolence is "Ending Male Violence Against Women."
Some topics to avoid because they are the topics everyone thinks of first and everyone will want to pick as their topic: domestic abuse (man hitting wife and/or kids) unless you have an original take on it, avoid it. Here is a list of possible topics.

Some important dates for Fast Projects:

Jan. 28 - Feb. 4: Fast topic choice and group formation. Fill out this form with your possible topic and team members. Create a Twitter account and website. Fill out this form for website and Twitter turn-in. Start posting at least one original message a day and a couple retweets #fastfornonviolence @slammytweet.

Some Projects already claimed:

Equality Podcast
Tampon Tax. The fact that tampons and pads are taxed as luxury items.
Sexual assault in the workplace, highlighting how women can't speak out, and the Me Too movement
Date Rape- We plan on making a dramatic short film about a scenario in which date rape takes place and the repercussions of it.
Male intimidation in professional settings (expectation of sexual favors in return of professional advancement or the insinuation that one has to do so in order to move up; “boys club” at work, etc) (only have ideas for maybe interviews but not a general idea)
Workplace Harassment / Quid pro quo
Through a rapists eyes (how rapists see victims)
No means no
friend- zone
Self Confidence
Beauty Within
Why the future is not up to white women and is instead up to all of us together.
R. Kelly's career has been plagued with rumors of abuse, pedophilia, and predatory behavior toward women. Our group is aimed towards how he manipulated underage women and all the stories behind it.
the Foster Care System
The role of men in a family relationship does not end after having the child. The role of the father is to also raise the children and not only leave it up to the mother. Our project will be to try to project that message.
Male privilege especially white male
Dress Code
How the media portrayal of males effect society and vice versa
Tragedy of the commons

Feb. 5 - 8: Planning: Voiceover, script, and/or storyboard. Graphics created and posted to website. Graphics and photos posted to social media with tweets. #fastfornonviolence @slammytweet New account: password is slamstudent

Feb. 11 - 15: Shooting: Voiceover recorded, 3 interviews or scenes shot, and at least 5 b-roll shots. Website done except fo main media piece.
Feb 18-22: President's Week Off!!!
Feb 25-March 1: Shooting/Editing: Rough Draft turned in to server for critique Mar. 1.
March 8: Fast Media Done and put into server folder.
March 15: All media posted to website and website is complete.

Fast for Nonviolence: March 18th through March 22nd.

You will be in teams of six for this project.

Producer/Website - The person who schedules, arranges, and leads the project from start to end.
Director of Photography/Editor - The person in charge of lights, cameras, and sound recording.
Director/Editor - The person with the story. The vision for the project
Lighting/Social media/photography/graphics
Audio/Social media/photography/graphics
Assistant Director/assistant camera/social media/graphics

Fill out this form with your possible topic and team members.

Season of Service weeks for Seniors:
Sign up here to claim a club. (available after school Monday)
Seniors will create a short documentary about each SOS project listed below. The documentary should be 30 seconds to 2 minutes long and have at least the following:
In teams of 3-6 seniors:
Voiceover describing event
Video of event
interviews of student organizers, teachers or participants.
Documentary is due the week after the activity.

These are all too long. Please keep them to under 2 minutes.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Sign up here to claim a club. (available after school Monday)

Week 1 Jan 22-25
Week 2 Jan 28-Feb 1
Red Cross Club 
Week 3 Feb 4-8
Hack Club
Week 4 Feb 11-15
Week 5 Feb 25-Mar 1
Speech and Debate Club
Jefferson Service and Key Club
Young Life and College Bound
Week 6 Mar 4-Mar 8
Club Rainbow
Week 7 Mar 11-15
Drama Club
Week 8 Mar 18-22
SLAM Fast for Nonviolence
Week 9 Mar 25-28
LatinX Unidos
SJA Sophomores
SJA Juniors
SJA Seniors

Ending Male Violence Against Women

posted Oct 3, 2018, 8:38 AM by Tony Farley   [ updated Oct 3, 2018, 8:59 AM ]

The 2019 Fast for Nonviolence will focus on Ending Male Violence Against Women. Every project will focus on the many ways women are not safe in the world and how much better our world could be if women everywhere were safe.

In SLAM's time as an academy, three San Leandro High School girls or alumnae have been killed by their ex-boyfriends. This year our hearts were broken to hear that Mariah Davis, who had been missing, was found dead at Lake Chabot and was allegedly killed by an SLHS alumni ex-boyfriend.

This tragedy along with the spectacle of the Kavanaugh hearings, the President's mistreatment and despicable attitudes toward women, and the simple fact that women must endure male cat calls, comments, weight shaming, slut shaming, and pressures to be less than they are. Also, the fear of male violence, abduction, rape, and trafficking is a constant fear in the lives of women and girls everywhere.

SLAM students will create media campaigns focused on ending male violence against women.

2018 Fast for Nonviolence Projects

posted Oct 2, 2018, 7:18 AM by Tony Farley

Seniors The Bias of Eating Healthy
Maria, Ada, Maddy, Olivia, Teresa, Kayla
Deforestation Devastation of Chocolate
Lily, Katya, Hannah , Julia , Vanessa, Judy, Miles

Path to Citizenship
Hugo S., Chris A., and Zoey C, Alesis L.
Bees, Bee the Solution
Heydi Lopez, Marilyn Ramirez, Hannah Ly
Injustice in the Justice System
Maya S., Aya R., Leila I., Samantha L.
Society's Effect on our Happiness
Miranda Calacsan, Jasmine LaRose

Body Shaming and Body Loving
Trinity, Crystal, Tatiana, Mia, Angel, Eddie, Adair, Folo
Sexual Harassment
Anne, Mariana, Ameoly, Kyra, Lissette , Rosemary , Casandra


Sexual Harassment on Campus
Bridget, Vei, Mercedes, Sue, Kylie, Ivan
White Supremacy in the Bay Area
Lorissa, Ira, Flo, Merry, Vanessa, Lily
Gun Control
Andrea , Nico, Martin, Lean

Youth's Neglect of Nature
Jorden Soares, Oliver Breslin, Cody Proctor, Naomi Churchill, Abel Lopez
Gun Violence
Matthew Gaim, Matthew Hoang, Christian Orea, Jaylin Picou, Alejandro Martinez

Colin Kaepernick's Stuggle
Anthony Davenport, Antoine Valerio, Aidan Zuber, Camari Delgadillo

Drug Abuse
Michael Huynh, Andre Huges, Tony Yu, Nicholas Peav

Beauty standards
Dexie, Kelly, Carolina, Michelle, Dulce, Amiri
Racism in the Media
Mayrelyn, Kevin, Katherine, Alma, Debrelle, Elaine, Kellie
Bay Area Homelessness
Mateo, Salvador, Helena, Andrew, Paul, Aiden
Homelessness in SF
Thomas, JD, Jackson, Carson, Daniel

Sheldon H, Marlon C, Jaylen A, Brandon V

Stress to the Test
Taemon, Logan, Rubi, Rene, Maya, Aimee


Gentrification of Bay Area
Anais Castro, Hunter Sacrey, Candace Yeung, Tessa Mok, Whitney Pham

Drugs And Alcohol Influenced Music
Yahkirah Nunn, Elizah Castro, Lawrence Long, Kendall Adams, Zoe Mueck, Zahra Murchell
Gordon Stanley, Aaliyah Frohm, Marco Guilbert, Gavin
Adopt- Don't Shop
Alex Rangel, Jedd Padua, Grace Blair, Austin Decker, Jose Camarillo
Mental Health Above All Else
Kiele Head, Siobhan Moher
Psychology Of Mass Shootings
Josh Felix, Ella Lowder, Gabe Reyes, Michaela Dunaway, Ian Chandra
Sexual Abuse In Hollyweird
Priscilla Sandoval, Alessandra Hernandez, Olivia Imachi,


Sexism/gender roles
Veronica, Julia , Lillian, Alex, Jessie
Immigrant Hardships
Ryan, Lorena, Jackie, Catherine, Bryan, Mikaela, Jason

Juniors News/ Media Bias
Matthew Badie, Ahtziri Ortega, Tatiana Castro, Marian Lopez, Miranda Calacsan,Jasmine LaRose
Animal Abuse In Entertainment
Jeremy Carone, Kevin Kumar, Caden Lei, Oliver Masters, Francisco Ronquillo
Humanizing Homelessness
Dalton Williams, Mary Walker, Isaiah Ashford, Joseph Kleineindam, Josh Kiev, Nataly Hernandez
Mickey Tolentino, Josephine Yuen, Diego Ahumada, Danielle Mitchell, Kerstin Gomez

The Gang For Net Neutrality
Lucas Cannon, Justin DeDios, Bryanna Felarca, Alondra Flores, Jedd Padua
Net Neutrality #3
Sarah Bravo, Jenna Maldonado, Karoline Gutierrez, Adam Nasher
Human Trafficking
Taylor Heredia, Julia Aguirre, Emilio Gonzalez, Jessalyn Gatmaitan

Trump's Big Kids Words On Twitter
Ray Figueroa, Darrell Wong, Francisco Avila
Sexual Assault
Priscilla, Ana, Rayna, Matthew J
Drug Abuse
Kelly C, Marissa , Vermaigne , Allison , Mary, Riza Mae
Teen Suicide
Markus, Gaviel, Damon, Trung, Steven, Jaime
Seniors Drug usage in teenagers
Skye, Kevin, Sal, Armani
Beauty Standards and Social Media
Leo, Alexandra, Jyla, Jocelyn, Sebastian
Derogatory LGBTQ+ terms and the proper usage of the word 'gay.'
Sadie, Alicia, Nathan, Lizelle, Destini, and Matthew

Child Abuse
Leland, Oscar, Juan, and Gisselle

Living With Mental Illness
Kennedy Moore, JJ Almaweri, Jason Mendoza
Love and Acceptance
Aranzazu Castillano, Tiffani Nguyen, Kamyla Aikens, Fatima Catolos
What happens if Net Neutrality Fails?
Xavier Merner, Nicole Nelson, Camila Regalado, Jonathan Mathew, Emily Kinoshita, Gabe Riley
Too Much Surveillance?
Chris Zepeda, Joel De La Cruz, Jose Guevara, Jake Liebler

Racial Inequity
Nasir, Caelen, Paul
Alcohol Abuse
Cynthia, Savanah, Moises, Naimah


Fast Timeline and Assignments

posted Nov 27, 2017, 11:39 AM by Tony Farley   [ updated Jan 7, 2018, 3:55 PM ]

Timeline for project:

Info about teams: Fast for Nonviolence Topic and Teams

Jan 12: Rough Draft of Video Due.

Jan 17: Final video due.

Jan 22: Fast for Nonviolence begins!

Jan 26: Fast for Nonviolence ends.

The 2018 Fast for Nonviolence

posted Oct 12, 2017, 12:46 PM by Tony Farley   [ updated Nov 27, 2017, 12:50 PM ]

The 2018 Fast for Nonviolence will be based on Bassem Youseff and Sara Taksler's challenge to:

"Tickle the giants in your own life! Find creative, non-violent ways to express yourself when power is abused. From a protest against a world leader to standing up to a bully in a school cafeteria. Inspire others and share your experiences with the hashtag #TicklingGiants

Students will identify a "giant" in their life and use humor and creativity to expose, satirize, and bring about change through media.

Each Fast project will include the following:
  • One or more videos that take on a social issue important to you. This can be a documentary, or a creative piece. Should contain humor! Also, include information/thoughts about either a contemporary leader on the issue or an important historical person involved in the issue.
  • A twitter feed that shows multiple posts per day about the issue.
  • A discussion, on video, of the issue between 3 or more people. Must include laughing, opinions, knowledge, and thoughts of an important person dealing with the issue.
  • At least three graphics, memes, or flyers on the topic.
  • A website showing all your work.
  • A presentation introducing your cause, your video, links to your website, your social media, your graphics, and your solution.

Timeline for project:

Info about teams: Fast for Nonviolence Topic and Teams

When you choose your topic and team fill out this form: Fast Team and Topic Form.

11-28/29 Choose your teams. Create your fast project website with all pages (just create and start the pages), create twitter account, research your topic and tweet at least three informational tweets about your topic.

Dec. 8: Voiceover written, 3 shots of B-roll and 2 interviews shot, website started, twitter account started and 3 tweets per day tweeted.

Dec. 15: Rough Draft of video due, website homepage complete, other pages started, graphics complete and on website, 3 tweets per day.

Dec. 21: Video complete, website complete, graphics included in video, website. 3 tweets per day, start presentation (4-8 slides, very little text.)

Jan. 12: Presentation complete.

Jan 15: Presentations in SLAM classes as practice.

Jan 22: Fast for Nonviolence begins!

Jan 26: Fast for Nonviolence ends.

1. We can all challenge abuses of power, in our own creative, non-violent ways.

We want to generate a movement where people choose to start #TicklingGiants. It could be a bully in a classroom, a boss who takes advantage, or a president who has gone too far. When you see someone abusing power, do something and share it with the hashtag #TicklingGiants

2. Free speech is under attack and we must defend it.

Journalists, comedians, and artists around the world are facing increasing criticism and in some cases, censorship. We must fight for the right to free speech and advocate for others who do not have the freedom to speak out.

3. The Muslim community worldwide, including in Arab countries, is under attack.

Support movements that welcome and engage Muslims. Let Muslims in your community know that you are an ally. Tell your government representatives that you believe in equality for all people, regardless of religion, and let them know that you celebrate diversity in your community.

4. Creativity and humor can make difficult issues easier to discuss.

Encourage art, music, comedy, and other creative ways of challenging power. Draw a picture. Sing a song. Art may help you express yourself, and sharing it may also help someone around you. Instigate an art explosion that reflects the challenges of our time.

5. The people of Egypt are not currently able to live freely, but there is still hope for a better future. 

Change takes time. Instead of accepting the injustices in Egypt, discuss the Arab Spring with those you know and keep the ideals of free expression alive. Encourage people that may not already know about the Arab Spring to learn about and discuss the challenges facing Egyptians right now.

Tuesday Projects in the Fast for Nonviolence

posted Jan 24, 2017, 7:23 AM by Tony Farley

Youth Stand with Homeless Women
Team Members: Ella Lowder, Bryanna Felarca, Anais Castro, Naomi Churchill, Tessa Mok, Hunter Sacery, Elizabeth Waters-Leiga, Candace Young, Whitney Pham

Team Members: Seniors: Hanny Q, Carlos R, Armando O.
Juniors: Lily C, Vei S, Vanessa V, Teresa N, Kevin H, Oscar H, Armani B, and Rene.

Sexual Assault and Rape (team 1)
Team Members: Camila Benites, Kenny Moore, and Olivia Imachi

Sexual Assault and Rape (team 2)
Team Members: Alondra Flores, Abel Lopez, Alex Rangel, Lucas Cannon, Jedd Padua, Fatima Catolos, Hannah Ly

Gun Control
Members: Gavin Harrington, Marco Guilbert, Aidan Zuber, Oliver Breslin, Miles Carson, Cody Proctor

Fast for Nonviolence Schedule and Project Links

posted Jan 8, 2017, 12:25 PM by Tony Farley   [ updated Oct 11, 2017, 4:17 PM ]

If your project is not posted here or there is an error with a link, use the Fast Project Information Form linked here to submit your project or make a change.

Fast for Nonviolence Schedule
On the day of your fast, you will stop eating the day before after you eat at 4. You will eat again at the end of your day of fasting at 4. You may drink liquids, and should eat food if you feel light headed or feel in any way like you need to. Fasting is not about suffering or self-harm, so fast in your own way if you need to. If you are playing a sport or practicing you must eat. Be smart.

Monday fasters start their fast after dinner on Sunday. They then bring food on Friday to feed the Friday fasters
Tuesday fasters feed Monday fasters and themselves at 4pm Monday. They begin their fast at 4pm Monday and eat at 4pm Tuesday
Wednesday fasters feed Tuesday fasters and themselves at 4pm Tuesday. They begin their fast at 4pm Tuesday and eat at 4pm Wednesday
Thursday fasters feed Wednesday fasters and themselves at 4pm Wednesday. They begin their fast at 4pm Wednesday and eat at 4pm Thursday
Friday fasters feed Thursday fasters and themselves at 4pm Thursday. They begin their fast at 4pm Thursday and eat at 4pm Friday
We Are Women Not Objects Slut Shaming Fighting the Objectification of Women Erasure of Sexualities Youth Stand with Homeless Women Immistories Sexual Assault and Rape (team 1) Sexual Assault and Rape (team 2) Gun Control Expectations of Race San Leandro Services and Support Love Does Not Hit Cruelty in Cosmetics (Animal Testing)
Religious Freedom
Animal Abuse Gun Control/Violence The Good In Law Enforcement Destigmatizing Mental Illness Cycle of Abuse Identity  Social Expectations for Men Growing Up in Oakland The Self Love Project
The Education System is Failing Our Generation. Let's Fix It. Domestic Abuse Feminism

We Are Women Not Objects
Team Members: Siobhan Moher, Kiele Head, Grace Blair, Austin Decker, Maddy Watkins, Olivia Miller, and Hannah Sherwood.

Slut Shaming
Members: Antonio Jones Skyler Linn Cecilia Merner, Maya Ramirez

Fighting the Objectification of Women
Members: Yolanda Torres, Ronney Tenorio, Victoria Barredo, Francisco Orozco, Jordan Soares, Gizelle Veluz, Bridget Sonobe, Myell Draper, Gordon Stanley

Erasure of Sexualities
Team Members: Jasmin True and Emily Wang

Youth Stand with Homeless Women
Team Members: Ella Lowder, Bryanna Felarca, Anais Castro, Naomi Churchill, Tessa Mok, Hunter Sacery, Elizabeth Waters-Leiga, Candace Young, Whitney Pham

Team Members: Seniors: Hanny Q, Carlos R, Armando O.
Juniors: Lily C, Vei S, Vanessa V, Teresa N, Kevin H, Oscar H, Armani B, and Rene.

Sexual Assault and Rape (team 1)
Team Members: Camila Benites, Kenny Moore, and Olivia Imachi

Sexual Assault and Rape (team 2)
Team Members: Alondra Flores, Abel Lopez, Alex Rangel, Lucas Cannon, Jedd Padua, Fatima Catolos, Hannah Ly

Gun Control
Members: Gavin Harrington, Marco Guilbert, Aidan Zuber, Oliver Breslin, Miles Carson, Cody Proctor

Expectations of Race
Team Members: Wendy Chang, Rochelle Soriano, Karen Chuong, Darren Liang, Emmy Saelee, Austin Lopes, Joshua Magallanes, Lean Campana

San Leandro Services and Support
Team Member: Emely Hernandez

Love Does Not Hit
Team Members: Nicole Nelson, Heydi Lopez, Monae Sullivan, Marylyn Ramirez,Vanessa Tejeda, Kerstin Gomez

Cruelty in Cosmetics (Animal Testing)
Team Members: Anjelika Pineda
Abraham Lopez, Emmy Saelee

Religious Freedom
Members: Elizah Castro, Tiffani Nguyen, Aranzazu Castilian

Animal Abuse
Team Members: Keara McIenerney, Eric Hernandez, Maya Young, Michelle Tollentino, Leland Evans, Mercedes Burke

Gun Control/Violence
Team Members: Shane Duenas, Jose Guevara, Jake Libeler, Gerardo Ramirez, Ray Figueroa, Jeremy Carone, Kenny Zhang, Panasak Bun, Oliver Masters, Kevin Kumar.

The Good In Law Enforcement
Team Members: Matthew Badie, Austin Ortiz

Thursday continued
Destigmatizing Mental Illness
Team Members: Sarah Bravo, Darryl Durham, Evelin Esquivel, Adrian Farias, Emily Ramirez, Omotara Oloye

Cycle of Abuse
Team Members: Gabe Reyes, Joshua Felix, Ian Chandra, Alessandra Hernandez, Jenna Maldonado, Xavier Merner, Priscila Sandoval, Emily Kinoshita, Jack Leal.

Claim Your Own Identity
Members: Katya Alarcon, Ada Yu, Maria Rosales, Paulina Curiel

Social Expectations for Men
Team Members: Alex Gomez, Rebecca Hawkey, Caden Lei, Andre Lopez, Gabriel Riley

Growing Up in Oakland
Team Member: Jaylin Picou

The Self Love Project
Members: Aya Reyes, Leila Infante, Jasmine LaRose, Michaela Dunaway, Cynthia Tang, Gabriella Castillo, Miranda Calascan, Jojo Salazar, Marian Lopez, Tatiana Castro

The Education System is Failing Our Generation. Let's Fix It.
Team Members: Edgard Gonzales, Genard Tobias, Josephine Yuen, Sam Lenahan, Mateo Mok, Zoe Mueck.

Domestic Abuse
Members: Alessandra H, Josh F, Priscila S, Ian C, Xavier M, Jack L, and Emily K

Women Empowerment
Members: Rubi Ramirez, Maya Galvan

Fill Out The Fast for Nonviolence Project Form

posted Dec 20, 2016, 7:33 AM by Tony Farley

Fill out the following form for your Fast for Nonviolence project. You do not need to now everything today but fill in what you can and then come back later when you know more.

Fast for Nonviolence Social Media Projects!

posted Dec 20, 2016, 6:47 AM by Tony Farley   [ updated Dec 20, 2016, 10:43 AM ]

SLAM Sophomores are busy at work on their Fast for Nonviolence projects. Here are a couple projects that are up and running right now on social media.

Youth Stand With Homeless Women.
"We are a group of sophomores in high school fighting to spread awareness about the struggles homeless people face every day, specifically women. They have to deal with their periods, domestic violence, and sexual assault. We're making a documentary for our high school Academy for Multimedia's annual "Fast for Non-Violence" project, that we will post a link to once it's made. Please donate to help us raise money to buy care packages and feminine supplies for homeless women."

Help spread the word!

Women Not Objects

"Let's bring awareness to the fact that women are treated as objects on the daily and stop it."

And this looks like a Junior project!

SJA Season of Service Documentary

posted Apr 4, 2016, 9:44 AM by Tony Farley

Business Academy Season of Service Project

posted Mar 23, 2016, 5:19 PM by Tony Farley

A SLAM Documentary film about the SLHS Business Academy's Season of Service project where the students wrote stories and read them to elementary students.

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