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Quick Selection Tool and Refine Edge

For best results with Quick Selection, use an image that has a background color or brightness that is very different than the foreground object you want to cut out.

Drag your image to Photoshop and find select the Quick Selection tool.

Drag the Quick Selection tool around either the foreground or the background (I chose to drag around the background because it is all a similar color in this picture. You will see "Dancing Ants" outlining what you have selected.

Use the Add To Selection or the Subtract from Selection (Option drag) tools at the top right to remove unwanted things from the selection or add wanted things to the selection.

When you have the selection as good as you can get it, click the Select and Mask button and use the sliders to refine the edge.

When you have the edge refined as much as you can, click ok and you will be taken back to your image with dancing ants showing your selection.

Look at the selection and be sure the ants are dancing around the part you want to delete! In the above image, the dancing ants are around me and Mrs. Farley. I don't want to cut us out, so I need to "Invert the Selection." You do this in the Select menu (or use Shift-Command-I).

Now that the ants are surrounding the background, double-click the layer to unlock it, and hit the delete key. If you don't see transparency, you forgot to double-click the layer. If you delete the part of the image you wanted to keep, you need to invert the selection. Just Command-Z, Shift-Command-I, and delete again.

To get rid of the dancing ants, go back up to the Select menu and choose Deselect (or use the shortcut key Command-D)

Save your .psd afarley_quickselection_001.psd

and then save it as a .jpg

Put your image on your Photoshop page along with a description of what you did and how you did it. You can also post before and after shots.