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Camera Tracking in AE

1. Import your shot and trim it. Camera tracking takes a long time so only track what you have to.

2. Open the Tracker panel and select Track Camera.

3. Wait while it analyzes the camera. You can watch the progress in the effect control panel.

4. When it's done, click the Create Camera button on the effect control.

5. Move around and find where you want to put your object and right click. Select Create Solid and a solid will be put right where you want it. You can move to somewhere else and put another solid there. Or text.

If you loose all the tracking markers, you can get them back by selecting the 3D Camera Tracker in the Effect Controls.

6. Once you have placed your solids, right click each one and Pre-compose it. This makes it into a composition. No need to click add attributes or anything. just ok it.

7. Next double-click your pre-comps and put in whatever you want tracked. You can change the comp settings by going to Composition > Composition Settings and change it however you want. If you are importing a movie, you might change the size to 1920x1080.

8. Delete the solid and put your thing in there. Then go back to the original comp and take a look.