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Multimedia Agendas and Assignments 2018-2019

Quarter 2

10/22: Update website, create Video page for your video assignments.
10/23 Critique Spirit Week Photos. Composition, Focus, and Light photo assignment.
10/25 Importing from camera. Color correction with adjustment layers.
10/30 Critique Comp/Focus/Light. Next assignment: Line
11/4 Shoot Disappear Shot.
11/6 Post Disappear to your website's video page.
11/13-14 Record Autobiographical Poem: Recording a Voiceover with GarageBandShoot video or take pictures for your autobiographical poem. Here is how to log in to the server from the sound rooms.

11/29 New due date for autobiographical poem: 12/7 
To turn it in: Export a Master File of your autobiographical poem. Put it in the autobiographical poem folder on the server. Then, upload it to youtube.

12/10 Greenscreen. Shoot a shot of yourself in front of the green screen. Think of where you want to put yourself and act accordingly. When you get back to class, Getting shots off the Tricaster.

Semester Final: Your your website is your final. It must display all the work you have done so far in a professional and appealing way.

Quarter 1
Day 1: Introductions, Pep Talk, website tour, Some videos
8/23: Turn your sound story into a Visual Story.
Sign in to your SLAMfamily google account and join one of these G+ Communities: Join SLAM21a or Join SLAM21b
8/27: Finish Sound Story (due Friday) and publish to Youtube: Visual Story.
Also, Watch five Sound Stories from the Sound Story Playlist and leave a comment on each one about the story arc or lack of one. Only comment on sound stories that have five comments or less.
9/10: Collage Project.
9/13: We will review websites and then you make the changes needed.
9/18 and 19: Graphic Design Basics. Use the provided graphics and post to your website.
9/20: Typography with Photoshop
9/24: Intro to Illustrator, Creating and coloring shapes. Note: to create a jpeg, use File > Export > Export As.
9/25 Follow these videos to make the Pizza Logo, then use those skills to create your own logo. Post your drawing from yesterday, your pizza logo, and your own logo to your Photoshop page. Then rename the page Graphics.
10/4: PixelArt
10/8: Sign up for the SLAMforum, change your avatar to a picture of yourself, say hello and introduce yourself in the say hello forum.