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Multimedia Agendas and Assignments 2018-2019

Day 1: Introductions, Pep Talk, website tour, Some videos
8/23: Turn your sound story into a Visual Story.
Sign in to your SLAMfamily google account and join one of these G+ Communities: Join SLAM21a or Join SLAM21b
8/27: Finish Sound Story (due Friday) and publish to Youtube: Visual Story.
Also, Watch five Sound Stories from the Sound Story Playlist and leave a comment on each one about the story arc or lack of one. Only comment on sound stories that have five comments or less.
9/10: Collage Project.
9/13: We will review websites and then you make the changes needed.
9/18 and 19: Graphic Design Basics. Use the provided graphics and post to your website.
9/20: Typography with Photoshop