STEM Program

DRHS STEM oppertunities

Dakota Ridge High School has many opportunities and pathways for students to develop strong STEM knowledge, skills and interests. As a comprehensive high school we strive to engage and motivate students of all abilities to pursue the STEM career of their choice. From Career Explore to International Bachelorette programs, Dakota Ridge High School has a pathway for everyone.

There are many elements to the DRHS STEM Program. Through coordination between several departments, we are able to offer a wider breath of courses than most high schools. While there are clear progressions of courses in each department, students are encouraged to select classes that best meet their needs and interests. This is because it is the student's curiosity, interest, enthusiasm, and dedication that has the greatest impact on cognitive development, academic achievement, and ultimately career success.

DRHS will offer students the opportunity to earn a STEM Endorsed Diploma for the first time in the 2021-22 school year. The Colorado state government established this endorsement in 2017 and Jeffco Public School began offering it in 2019. This endorsement tells colleges and employers that the student has exceeded the normal standards and has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in their STEM education.

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“STEM Education is an experiential learning pedagogy in which the application of knowledge and skills are integrated through in-context projects or problems focused on learning outcomes tied to the development of important college and career readiness proficiencies.” nasta

“STEM employment in the United States continues to grow at a faster pace than employment in other occupations, and STEM workers command higher wages than their non-STEM counterparts. STEM degree holders enjoy higher earnings, regardless of whether they work in STEM or non-STEM occupations.” National Science & Technology Council

Why should I consider a STEM career?

  • STEM careers are in high demand.

  • STEM careers are critical to our national economy.

  • STEM careers have some of the highest starting and average salaries.

  • There are many STEM careers that are high paying w/o a college degree.

  • STEM careers often lead to management and leadership positions.

  • STEM careers often lead to entrepreneurship opportunities.

  • STEM careers can be very emotionally satisfying:

    • Discovering new things.

    • Designing and making new things.

    • Operating and maintaining critical systems and national infrastructure.

    • Identifying and solving problems.