Welcome to the Scion 2.0 Fan Project!

Scion 2.0
"More than a short list of house rules, this project involves taking a giant axe to all the mechanics of Scion and rebuilding them to be less obnoxious. Because a lot of sacred cows are going to be harmed in the making of this, I understand that not everyone is going to enjoy the changes I am proposing. I recommend you freely take the parts that interest you, and leave out the parts that do not. For copyright reasons I cannot repost each section word for word so I will only post the rewritten sections. Special Thanks go to Aynie, Baron Samedi, BrentNotBroken, Lambach, Malkbunny, Telgar, and Watcher who may not agree with the choices here but certainly inspired them."

Updated: 6/4/2017:

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