Source: Euronews
Date: 10/12/2011
EventTime is running out for 17th UN Climate Change conference in Durban
Attribution: Euronews

  • Connie Hedegaard: European Commissioner for Climate Action

Newsreader: Time is running out for conclusions to be reached at the 17th Climate Change Conference in Durban. As it's passed its deadline, many ministers have already returned home, meaning it could be next year before a decision is made. And those who are staying are exhausted, after two weeks of all-day discussions. [Footage of various people asleep on seats.] But the European Commissioner for Climate Action says that they should persevere.

Connie Hedegaard: We're saying it's important not to - to give up, now. We've gone a long way here. It's really, really, really a pity if we lose that, due to procedures, now. 

Newsreader: Environmental activists have attended the conference in force. Frustrated at the slow speed of the organisation, they fear that the Kyoto Protocol - which is the only global pact that enforces carbon cuts - will expire at the end of the year, with no successor treaty in place. [Footage of chanting climate activists - "USA - 40% reductions!" (?)] "We don't need no (inaudible) treaty!" "We stand with the people!"] 

The United Nations says that it is not only polar bears which are in danger from melting ice caps. Global warming affects ecosystems across the world. As an example, these Rwandan gorillas are having to climb to increasingly higher altitudes to find food. [Footage of gorillas walking around.]