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This site has some transcripts, mostly of audio and video segments, which have been available for listening to and/or watching on the internet, also transcripts of scanned text. I am indexing these transcripts by source, by person and by date.

By date - transcripts from previous years:

  • Oct 16: BBC News: African penguin habitat "hit by rising tides caused by climate change"
  • Oct 14: BBC1: Coverage of IPCC report in Sunday papers: only "One story, page 6 of the Observer"...
  • Oct 12: BBC News: Samira Ahmed: "should the BBC be giving climate change deniers any air time any more?"
  • Oct 12: BBC Radio 4: BBC climate coverage: "no deniers anywhere, on radio at least"
  • Oct 09: Democracy Now!: Kevin Anderson: "this is a different planet from the one in which we live"
  • Oct 08: BBC Newsnight: Evan Davis: "is it possible to get the planet to align around the latest science?"
  • Oct 06: BBC Radio 4: Vishvapani: "IPCC’s proposals mean changing how our societies work"
  • Aug 07: BBC Radio 4: Rockström: we're "hitting the ceiling of the bio-physical limits of a stable planet"
  • Jul 26: BBC News: Temperature rise "probably about 4 degrees by the end of this century"
  • Jul 24: Channel 4 News: 2003 heatwave is expected to "become a normal summer by 2040"
  • Jun 28: BBC Radio 4: Deben: future generations to pay more for the "low-carbon, no-carbon society we need"
  • May 11: BBC Radio 4: Vishvapani: we "need compelling images of a sustainable society"
  • May 03: BBC Radio 4: Attenborough: Kew Gardens can help prevent "plantless desert" caused by climate change
  • Apr 24: Westminster: James Heappey: must reduce consumption of "meat, milk, cheese and everything else"



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