Spotted Pony

Key of C. Banjo tuning is double-C.

Key of D. Walk up D, A7, D, G in the first two measures of the first part. Is there a G in the second part?

  • Instructional video. He plays it straight and crooked, fast and slow. He knows a simple low part. Lots of chatter, though. [Utoob]
  • Clawhammer banjo, fretless, [Utoob]
  • Clawhammer banjo, basic version [Utoob]
  • Solo banjo, short video with sound & aspect problems. He says fiddlers play it in D then he plays it in C. Nice banjo playing [Utoob]
  • Banjo duet with cello banjo. Hard to imagine hell sounding any worse. [Utoob]
  • Fancy version, almost another tune, by Captain Fiddle on banjo [Utoob]
  • Good jam session, shot in the dark though [Utoob]
  • Phillips Collection lists this version, attributed to Pete McMahan, and another version in A.
  • Great old time version by Prairie Acre [cdbaby has a sample].