Devil Eat the Groundhog

Paul David Smith on fiddle.

Key of G. Same chords (G,C,G,D...) in both parts.

  • This tune is attributed to Owen "Snake" Chapman. Devil was his dog. You can hear a clip from his CD "Up in Chapman's Hollow" at Amazon.
  • Fiddle and fretless banjo both played by Mark Ralston [utoob]
  • Fiddle by Paul David Smith, with guitar in gymnasium [utoob]
  • Played on stage with fiddle and mandolin [utoob]. This is the Pine Creek Rounders.
  • Key of D on fiddle and banjo by Gadaya [utoob]. On fiddle, transposing this tune to key of D is trivial: shift up one string.
  • Solo banjo, three-finger style [utoob].