Katy Did

  • The band Sugar Pie is Jane Rothfield on fiddle, Hilarie Burhans on banjo, Kellie Allen on guitar and Sabra Guzmán on bass. Medley Warning! Someone yells, "Pike's Peak!", and off they go.

Key of C. Two parts each played twice. The second part is shorter and starts on an Am chord.

  • The old recording of Lowe Stokes [mp3 at Slippery Hill; utoob non-video]
  • Very fast by the Old Time Snake Milkers [OTSM]
  • Very nice solo banjo [utoob] by Tom MacKenzie.
  • Jack McGee [utoob].
  • Written out in notes [Tater Joe's PDF].

Not to be confused with...

  • Pike's Peak
  • The Katy Did Waltz [DLA]
  • The Love of Katy Did [Library of Congress]
  • The katydid [wikipedia]