Lost Indian

Many versions. Usually square but unusual note placement.

John Ashby's version

Moose Whisperers

Clyde Davenport's version (key of D)

Foghorn String Band

Ed Haley's version (calico tuning, key of A)

Fiddles: Judy Hyman & Gus Tritsch. Guitar: Jeff Klaus. Banjo: John Hermann.

Fiddle: Brittany Haas. Guitar: Chris Eldridge. Mandolin: Chris Thile.

Mark Cambell of Richmond VA.

  • Marion Summer solo fiddle [Utoob non-video]

  • Willie Chapman solo banjo [Utoob non-video]

  • Clifftop jam [Utoob] Ed Haley version.

  • The Onlies with Bruce Molskey [Utoob]