Fire on the Mountain

Julie Chiles (fiddle) Rebecca Jones (banjo) Brandon Holder (Guitar)

Two parts plus a tag. One part in key of A and the other key of D. This is a bluegrass standard where the object is to play it faster than humanly possible.

  • We have it on CD by Highwoods Stringband [tube], moderately fast.
  • We have it on CD by Tommy Jarrell [tube], slow and loping.
  • The Milliner-Koken collection [SlipperyHill] has several old recordings.
  • The Digital Library of Appalachia [DLA] has even more old recordings.
  • The Gypsy Hillbillies [tube] great fast bluegrass.
  • There are three versions, each with different chords, in the Phillips Collection.

Not to be confused with...

There is a different tune called Old Time Fire on the Mountain on a CD by Fuzzy Mountain Stringband.