Lost John

  • Fiddling by Lester McCumbers, key of A, crooked.

Key of G or A or D. Two low parts, two high parts. Some fiddlers hold the "Lost John" part for a very long time. There are several old time versions at Digital Library of Appalachia (DLA).

  • Rock Mt. Ramblers, fast clawhammer [utoob] key of D
  • Fast stringband version by Dry Hill Draggers [DLA] key of D
  • Fiddle & sing by WL Gregory & Clyde Davenport [DLA]
  • Slow fiddle & sing by Jim & Ruby Ann Gaskin [DLA] key of G, square
  • Fiddle & Guitar by Fox & Branch [utoob]
  • Slate Mountain Ramblers [utoob]. Richard Bowman fiddles and daughter sings. Key of D. Fiddler says, "I love that one. How does that go?" There is a third part that comes before the "Lost John" chorus but only when the singer isn't singing. Medley into Chicken Reel.
  • Bill Birchfield (Roan Mt. Hilltoppers) [utoob in the dark] key of A. Two of each part, both really short. Very crooked; one beat after "Lost John" and no beats between parts.
  • Very clean playing and singing by the Blue Ridge Entertainers [some noise, lots of noise].

Other versions

  • Blues harmonica by Lily May Ledford [DLA]
  • Blues harmonica by Jewel Middleton [DLA]
  • Blues harmonica by Spencer Moore [DLA]
  • Blues harmonica by Red Parham & George Pegram [DLA]
  • Blues harmonica by Cousin Emmy [DLA], she sings
  • Merle Travis [utoob]