Rabbit in the Pea Patch

Charlie Walden, Patt Plunkett, Ian Alexander. Medley warning! The rabit tune ends at 1:40.

Key of D. This tune is also called Turkey in the Pea Patch.

  • Earl White's album [utoob non-video]
  • Clifftop jam with Trish Spencer [utoob]
  • Missouri fiddler Bob Holt. Clips at MoFiddleDance and Field Recorders' Collective.
  • Buddy Thomas track on the Kitty Puss album [utoob non-video]
  • Lots of words sung clearly on the Pickard Family album [utoob non-video]
  • Joe Stamper recording at Digital Library of Appalachia.
  • Charlie Walden at Clifftop jam [utoob] and workshop [utoob].
  • Mississippi version by Claunch & Haygood at Library of Congress but audio not online yet.
  • Competing on stage, the Modal Citizens [utoob], Luke Richardson fiddling.
  • Banjo by Squirrel Butter [utoob].
  • 50's Rockabilly with lots of verses [utoob non-video].

Not to be confused with...

A variation also called Rabbit in the Pea Patch by Paul David Smith

  • Key of G [utoob]. Modal Citizens: Luke Richardson fiddle, Susan Sterngold banjo, Mike Resnick guitar

A different tune also called Rabbit in the Pea Patch or Run that Rabbit out of Town

  • Uncle Dave Macon [utoob]. Key of C?
  • Red Clay Ramblers.

A different tune also called Rabbit in the Pea Patch or Sail Away Ladies

  • Hogslop String Band [reverbnation] sings lots words from several tunes.