Hawks and Eagles

Hawks and Eagles from a jam at the Black Pot festival 2014 [utoob]. Ben Townsend plays different banjo stuff throughout, even 3-finger at one point. They sing a chorus once and mix it with Hot Corn Cold Corn. Then they argue who started it, as in, who's supposed to end it. Lots of fun.

Simple, symmetric, square tune key of D. Fiddles might tune ADAE to get the low A (compared to GDAE) without losing the easy D chord (compared to AEAE).

  • Trial & Error Stringband 1976 [non-video on utoob]. This is interesting because the fiddler uses longbows to make the low part different from the high part. The banjo is great throughout. Recorded before they tuned to 440.
  • Old recording of Uncle Norm Edmonds [non-video on utoob].
  • Here are some good instructional videos. Solo fiddle [utoob]. Fiddle & banjo jam on the porch [dark video on utoob]. Slow fiddle, some talking about rhythm [blogspot].
  • The classic CD, Feed Your Babies Onions, by Highwood String Band [clip at Amazon]


  • The American old time fiddle tune is based on the Irish song with verses. Recorded in Irish pubs here (too serious) and here (fun accordion).
  • The chorus repeats "Hawks and Eagles fly like doves" four times.

Not to be confused with

"The Eagle and the Hawk" by John Denver.