Durang's Hornpipe

Rachel Eddy fiddle, Nadine Landry bass, Ben Nelson banjo, Joe Bass and Trevor Mckenzie guitars.

Crooked tune. Key of D. Two parts.

  • Old time fiddle & cello banjo by Wig & Ward [amazon].
  • Tune a Day by Katie Henderson [utoob].
  • Rather nice jam in the Tune List at Stony Brook [just the mp3].
  • Slow solo banjo in C by that great Zepp Music Store guy [utoob].
  • Solo fretless banjo picking [utoob and utoob].
  • Virtuoso solo fiddling [utoob] at Aaron Jonah Lewis house concert.
  • Virtuoso fiddling [utoob] with guitars by Daniel Carwile.
  • Fancy version at an old time fiddle contest [utoob]
  • Fancy flat picking on a 12-string guitar [utoob]
  • Carrie and Larry on fiddle & banjo [utoob] not quite my version.
  • Solo banjo in 11/8 time [utoob] which is quite different.
  • The late United States Senator from WV, Robert Byrd [utoob].
  • We learned the tune from the Primitive Characters CD [amazon, review]. That band included members of the Chicken Chokers plus fiddler Sandy Stark. I can only find one video of her and the quality is a bad video [utoob]. Shucks.
  • There is a recording somewhere of Bill Monroe & the Blue Grass Boys playing it real fast during a radio interview. I can't find it online.


There are many DIFFERENT versions of the chords out there. Hold the G for a full measure [here]; hold the G for only half a measure [here]; add two minor chords [here]; two minors and an F# with triplets [pdf].