Hickory Jack

Two and a half parts in A modal.

  • Unknown contestants [utoob]. Fiddle, bass, and microphone stands. Video at right.
  • In Denmark [utoob and at right], Olle Rossel ( fiddle), Peter Lorichs (banjo) and Axel Kanne(guitar).
  • Paul and Betty [utoob] with big banjo.
  • Old record of Luther Strong [utoob non-video, player at DLA].
  • Record of Art Stamper [utoob non-video].


No one can follow this tune! Check out all these crooked features.

  • The structure is AABBC. You repeat the first two parts but not the third.
  • The A is 4 measures. Play it twice.
  • The B part is 4+1/2 measures because it has a 2-beat lead-in. Play it twice.
  • The C part is a 3 measure tag similar to the A part. Play it once.
  • The key is A Modal. Each part as A major and G major chords.
  • Fiddle in standard tuning can drone the top two strings during A chords and drone the bottom two strings during G chords. This will give audio tips to the guitar player.
  • I don't usually recommend sheet music but I needed it for this tune. Try Luther Strong [pdf at fiddledo] or Art Stamper [pdf at Tater Joe's] but those two differ in melody and structure.

Not to be confused with...

Hickory, the crooked old time fiddle tune in G.