Shelvin Rock

Shelvin Rock played with fiddle, guitar, and foot.

This is an A modal tune. That means key of A (with chords A and E7 as expected) plus a G chord. The first part goes back and forth between A and G major chords. The second part has only A and E7 chords. There is one extra measure of A chord between parts 1 and 2, and that makes this tune crooked and confusing at first.

  • Bruce Molskey and Rafe Stephanini at Clifftop [tube]
  • Wilson Douglas: [utoob], short clip from CD [Amazon], or [mp3 at DLA], or Phillips Collection.
  • John Hartford recorded a nice version [Amazon clip].
  • French Carpenter [mp3 at Slippery Hill]
  • A jam video. Nice music but tough sound quality. [toob and right]
  • Stage performance by Mariel Vandersteel, Lukas Pool, Louis Fram & Stash Wyslouch [tube].