Wolves A Howlin (Stripling Brothers' version). Key of A. Fiddler plucks the E string sometimes. Flat footing starts in the middle. This is Bruce Reid (fiddle) Charlie Beck (banjo) John Hurd (bass) Charmaine Slaven (guitar). Posted by BanjoJudy [utoob].

Key of A or G. Two parts but first (high) part is half as long. Fiddle can tune AEAE. Several variants exist.

  • Rayna Gellert and John Herrmann [utoob] Key of G.
  • Twin fiddles [utoob] by Jon Bekoff & Nate Paine but you can't see either one.
  • Earl Collins old recording [utoob non-video]. Key of A.
  • Bruce Molsky sings [amazon clip].
  • Can Kickers [bandcamp] Cajun, singing, washboard. Key of A.
  • John Hartford solo TV [utoob] sings Wolves Howling at the end of a medley.
  • Four old recordings under Milliner-Koken [Slippery Hill]: John Brown, Stripling Brothers, Earl Collins, Ernest Claunch.
  • Stripling Brothers [utoob non-video] old recording.

Not to be confused with...

This tune is similar to, or the same as, Pretty Polly Ann [Ernie Stubbs].

Pretty Polly Ann is very similar to, or the same as, Polly Ann [Arthur Smith mp3 at Slippery Hill].

Pretty Polly Ann is not at all similar to Pretty Polly or Polly Put the Kettle On.