I wish I had my time again

The Only's lead a kids' parade.

Key of G or A. High part then low part. Some people repeat (two and two) but most play one and one. The high part goes right into the low part. The fiddler may cross-tune (GDGD or AEAE depending on key). This is not a square tune because the first part has 3 lines but the second part has 4 lines.

  • Uncle Earl played it in A on their great CD. Also track #2 at Internet Archive. Also live [utoob].
  • This guy does a cool clawhammer on a ukelele, key of C [utoob].
  • Square dance on old recording by Hatton Brothers [utoob non-video]. I'd like to know what dance works with this tune.
  • I have this tune on a cassette that came with a book of banjo tab called "Southern Clawhammer Banjo" (Kicking Mule Records), Bob Carlin editor, whereon this track is played by Susan Cahill. Amazon lists it but doesn't sell it.
  • We have the Bigfoot CD by Rhys Jones and John Herrmann. It has a 6-minute secret track (#18) of Wish I had my Time Again, key of F. [Amazon clip]
  • John Hartford added words: I wish we had our time again [utoob] (no video).
  • Scratchy old fiddles on Berea archives: Bill Hatton, key of G. Thomas Travis, key of A flat. Travis Wells.
  • Old LP of the Hatton Brothers [utoob non-video]
  • Two guys sled down a on shovels while listening to Uncle Earl [utoob].


Wish that it was me, Lord,Wish that it was me.I wish I had my time again,Wish I had my time, time.

Not to be confused with...

Different tune, same name: folk song.