Shortnin Bread

Old Crow Medicine Show plays Shortnin Bread really fast. Key of A.

There are two different songs with the same name.

Tommy Jarrell's version. "Mama's Little Baby Loves Shortnin Bread"

Key of A. Two parts.

  • This [utoob] video shows the old time way. That is the great John Herrmann on the half-fretless banjo with duct tape. Sadly, you cannot hear the guitar. This group is playing at the Clifftop festival, 2012 (we were there).
  • Freight Hoppers play this tune fast. We saw them play it in 1999 and we bought the CD. You can hear a rip [utoob]. Here is an exciting live video [utoob]; David Bass fiddles and clogs.
  • Instructional video for fiddlers by Amanda Lynn Kerr [utoob].
  • Mississippi John Hurt plays it slow. Library of Congress [utoob].
  • We all have to put up with the little kid who plays it better than we do on YouTube.
  • On the Prarie Home Companion radio show, Garrison Kiellor sings "Rhubarb Pie" to this tune. [Clip from the movie.]
  • Fuzzy Mountain String Band did this on their clawhammer CD.
  • The Spunk Holler Boys created a movie made to look old [utoob].
  • The Wikipedia page for this song mention that Donald Duck sang it.
  • This tune and many others are on the Old Time Machine which you can configure to give guitar backup in a continuous loop.
  • Some kids in Frederick Maryland [utoob]
  • The Wayfarers CD [utoob nonvideo].
  • Living room video of Carter Bancroft + Dusty Rider [utoob].
  • Water Tower Bucket Boys on the street with dancers [utoob].
  • Fun fiddle rhythms at festival jam [utoob], Karen Celia Heil fiddle.

Doc Roberts' version. Called "Doc Roberts' Shortnin Bread"

Key of G. Four parts in a 2 & 1 pattern (AABCCD).

  • Fiddlin Doc Roberts [mp3 at oldtownschool].
  • Jam at Clifftop 2013 [utoob] with Dan Gellert (fiddle), Steve Arkin (banjo), Karen Heil (guitar).
  • Jam at Clifftop 2010 [utoob] with Anna Roberts-Gevalt (fiddle), Brent Feito (banjo), Jesse Wells (guitar).
  • We have it on the Tater Patch CD [clips at Amazon or utoob nonvideo].
  • Instructional videos for solo banjo by Hilarie Burhans [toob,toob].
  • Foghorn Stringband CD [utoob nonvideo].

Not to be confused with...

How could there be two tunes with one name? Well, this tune actually has two names. The other one is "Irish Cobbler". See [tunearch] for analysis of "Irish Cobbler."