Sugar Hill

Freight Hoppers (original lineup) play Sugar Hill.

Key of D usually. Two high parts, two low parts. It can go to relative minor (that is Bm from key of D).

  • The definitive version was created by Tommy Jarrell on fiddle. There are many field recordings of him. We have a CD called June Apple; Jarrell fiddles and sings while Kyle Kreed banjos. On-line, check out the Miliner-Koken collection at slippery hill [mp3]. There is a clip on-line for this Smithsonian compilation CD.
  • We have this tune played slow and fast on Bruce Molsky's CD, Southern Old-Time Fiddle tour. Molsky's liner notes explain he learned to play it in the downbow style from Tommy Jarrell. He tunes the bottom string up to A for drone. He says Tommy sang and improvised on the second (low) part which he repeated 1 to 4 times, no telling.
  • This is a hoot! Ryan Thomson and Last Chance [utoob].
  • Another great recording by Brian Scott [utoob], solo fretless banjo.
  • Kirk Sutphin (interviewed by David Holt) plays Fred Cocherham's version on formica top fretless banjo. [utoob, skip to 1:50].
  • Slow, medium, fast fiddle at Old Town School.
  • Slow, medium on Matt Brown's instructional CD [CDbaby].
  • Back to back fiddle+banjo duet [utoob]
  • Royalty free sheet music, key of D. No minor chord.
  • Paul Brown & John Schwab in a white tent at Clifftop 2013 [utoob].
  • All Day Breakfast Stringband [bandcamp] of Montreal with WV fiddler Ben Townsend.
  • Empty Bottle String Band [utoob] on stage.