Waldorf Reel

Legend says the tune is named after Waldorf, Maryland where it was written down by Guthrie Meade, a computer programmer who collected Kentucky tunes on reel-to-reel tapes at Library of Congress. This solo fiddle recording [mp3] is attributed to Gus Meade at Slippery Hill. Read more about Gus Meade at Southern Folklife Collection (copy at Horn Tip).

This is a great dance tune. The transitions to C are mesmerizing.

Chords go something like this:

Thanks to: Diamond Cut tunes list


  • AP & the Banty Roosters at Glen Echo [utoob] skip ahead to 6:05 for the 3rd tune in the medley. But don't get your tunes from YouTube!
  • Notes [pdf] by math professor Richard Crew
  • Nice fiddle & clawhammer banjo by Lowland Spitbiters [myspace] but they play all G through the 3rd box of part 2. That wrecks the best part!
  • Really fun fast recording! This site says it is by Fly By Nights. I posted the mp3 below.
  • Ladies in the Parlor at a festival in Lancaster County PA [utoob].
  • A contra dance video whose last tune is Waldorf Reel.

The music starts at 0:50.