Sugar in the Gourd

The Frog Leg Lickers play Sugar in the Gourd. Key of A.

Key of A. There are lots of versions.

  • Skillet Lickers, key of almost A [utoob]. Words of wisdom: "The way to get the sugar out is roll the gourd around."
  • The old time version [Utoob] by Paul Brown, Adam Hurt, etc. Key of A.
  • Old 78 recording of the Tweedy Brothers [Utoob] mixes other tunes. Key of A.
  • Old LP recording by Tommy Jackson [Utoob]. Key of A.
  • The fast bluegrass version [Utoob] by Steve Day
  • The Holy Modal Rounders did a nice version but the video is annoying [utoob]


Sugar in the Gourd, and I can't get it out.Only way to get it out, is to shake the Gourd about.

Not to be confused with

  • Rhys Jones plays a different tune in D called Sugar in the Gourd: mp3 from the CD "Mississippi Square Dance". The CD insert says this is an inspired rhythmic version that originates from Nile Wilson of Bucklin, Missouri.
  • A tune similar to the above is attributed to Edden Hammons here, with some proposals of what the title could mean. I'm not buying any of them.
  • There used to be a live streaming music site called Sugar in the Gourd. We miss it.