Camp Meeting

Canote twins on fiddle and guitar. Fiddles are tuned DDAD?

This tune is called "Camp Meeting on the 4th of July" or "Camptown Meeting on the Fourth of July". In key of D, it has two parts. It is square and simple. It has lyrics but I can't find them.

  • Straight up at a jam [utoob]. Can't see fiddler Howard Jones but there's Dag on guitar.
  • Mostly banjo by Rising Appalachia [utoob non-video, CD clip at CDbaby, track at SoundCloud].
  • Fiddle and guitar by James Bryan and Carl Jones [utoob non-video]. Medley warning!
  • Solo banjo by a very young Victor Furtado [Amazon track sample].
  • Slow banjo by Chris Coole on stage [utoob]. Medley warning!
  • Slow rendition on CD by Raisin Pickers [clip at Amazon].
  • Solo fiddle with horse head [utoob] in DDAD tuning.
  • Solo mandolin by Steve Mando [SoundCloud].
  • The entire audience played this tune at wedding of Erynn & Carl (The Haints) [utoob].

Not to be confused with...

Camp Chase or Georgia Camp Meeting.