Bucking Mules at Clifftop, Lots of dog footage here.

Key of G. Three parts. Several variants. This tune can be spelled Josie-O.

  • Joseph Decosimo and the Bucking Mules at Clifftop 2013 [tube or Decosimo site].
  • Small group in the living room [tube]. Is this some of Jubal's Kin? I can't tell.
  • Art Stamper CD [cut at Amazon].
  • Nathan Taylor on stage [tube], first of 2 tunes.
  • Solo banjo [tube], video gets going at 0:20.
  • Jam recording [mp3 download at Victoria's Spiral Cafe].
  • Roy Acuff fiddles & sings on stage [tube].
  • "From a porch in Baltimore" [tube non-video]. This track is fun. These players seem to adapt well to each other and that makes this hard to play along with. They get into a groove by the second half.

Not to be confused with...

Don't think about the tune Barlow Knife when you play this tune. They have one part in common.