Black Jack Grove

Art Stamper at Clifftop 2003 playing Black Jack Grove in A.

Key of A. Two parts. This is a modal tune, going to the 7 chord (G) at the start of each ending. (This may be the same as mixolydian, I'm not sure.)

  • Dan Gellert, solo fiddle on stage [utoob]
  • Brittany Haas 5-string fiddle [utoob] (no video). Good for learning.
  • Old Buck CD [long clip at Old Buck] is beautiful.
  • Walter McNew [mp3 at DLA] solo fiddle. Tuned sharp.
  • This page references Phillips Collection and Milliner Koken Collection.
  • Streak O' Lean plays to a packed house [utoob]
  • 15-year-old Gus at Clifftop with slightly older old time royalty [utoob]