Possum on a Rail

Rhys Jones and John Herrmann from the Bigfoot band (plus others) at Clifftop 2018. Video by Miss Moonshine. Rhys plays the tune on the Mississippi Square Dance CD [utoob non-video]. He was filmed playing it at Clifftop in 2012 and 2018.

Key of G. Two parts. Be careful because one part sounds like Roscoe.

  • 1930 recording of Mississippi Possum Hunters [watch the album cover or the vinyl on utoob, or watch the MP3 player at Slippery Hill].
  • Georgia Crackers jam with Ms Moonshine clogging [utoob].
  • Bruse Molskey at a Clifftop 2015 jam [utoob].
  • Chirps Smith [utoob] in a coffeehouse with banjo. Poor video but lots of notes.
  • Here is how they play it on the streets of Barcelona [vimeo].
  • Lost Mountain String Band [utoob non-video] with singing and frailing banjo. Here's a video of them on stage playing Old Plank Road [utoob].
  • Lots of fiddle slides by Joe Shewbridge [utoob stills].
  • Kolodner Quartet with Rachel Eddy fiddling [utoob]. Possum comes second. Skip ahead to 3:55 for possum.
  • Rattle on the Stovepipe at a 2012 folk festival [utoob non-video].
  • Solo banjo in the bathroom [utoob] by Eli Strauss.
  • Very nice coffee shop performance by Stone Mountain Wobblers [utoob].

Not to be confused with...

  • Possum's Tail is Bare.
  • Possum up a Gum Stump.
  • The opossum. As Roy Blount pointed out, the O in Possum is silent. Americans pronounce opossum as possum. Actually there is a possum that lives in Australia. The opossum lives up & down the Americas. Both types have bare tails. The opossum name dates back to Virginia 1610 when it was adopted from the Algonquian language.