Great Big Taters in Sandy Land

The Fox Hunt playing Great Big Taters in Sandy Land. They use Em in 3rd part.

Key of G. Three parts. Some people medley into Sally Anne or Sail Away Ladies. Part I, middle range, chords G and D. Part II, low range, chords G and D (some people add Em). Part II, high range, chords G and C. We end on part II.

  • The Fox Hunt [UToob]. Ben Townsend on fiddle, Matt Metz on banjo.
  • Banjo played soft and low. The Ozarks version is a tad different [Utoob].
  • Instructional clawhammer video. Only two parts. [Utoob]
  • Haymount Hilltoppers. You can hear this: "Q: Are there words? A: Oughta be." [Utoob]
  • Montage of videos from one tent at Clifftop 2009. Taters is in there at 04:30. [Utoob]
  • This looks like a back porch video caught on surveillance camera. [Utoob]
  • Uncle Earl played it live [Internet Archive]. Nice banjo. Click ahead past the talking.
  • Eck Robertson recorded it hundreds of years ago, just right [Utoob].
  • I like this street recording by Old Black Mule [Utoob].
  • This version attributed to Ernie Collins & played by Paul Tooley [utoob].
  • Sheet music [pdf] from J dot Brady.
  • More than you ever wanted to know about this tune [wiki].

Not to be confused with...

Big Sweet Taters in Sandy Land; Big Footed Man in the Sandy Lot.

Alternate titles for this tune: Better Quit Kicking my Dog Around; Grease that Wooden Leg, Sally Anne.