Roaring River

  • Ry & Rusty jam with Hillary [utoob].

Key of G. Two parts, each played twice. Swing the first part. Rhythm the second part.

  • Rachel Eddy at Worley Gardner festival [utoob]. Medley warning! This tune starts at 4:06.
  • Nice banjo recorded at a jam [utoob]
  • A living room jam [utoob] with Tricia Spencer.
  • Stone Mountain Wobblers [utoob].
  • The Braided River String Band [utoob]. Fiddler is Morgan Fitcher (Camper Van Beethoven and 10,000 Maniacs). Autoharp player is Bob Ellis.
  • Fast & slow recordings plus banjo & fiddle sheet music at TaterJoes. These are from a master class by Earl White and Mark Olitsky at Walker Creek Music Camp in California.
  • Very different version from the frontier [utoob].