Winder Slide

Winder Slide played in Norway.

Key of D. Two chords (D and G). Played AAB with a tag between the B and A parts.


  • Fiddle in empty room [utoob].
  • Fiddle in the garden [utoob].
  • Fiddle and banjo in the corner of the porch [utoob].
  • Fiddle and banjo by the mantle [vimeo].
  • A fiddle and a fiddle on stage [utoob].
  • A big jam [utoob] with a big sign that says Old Time Jam.
  • Another big jam [utoob] with no sign.
  • Fiddle-free trio in the hotel room [vimeo].
  • Rayna Gellert's excellent fiddle instruction page (scroll down).
  • Excellent banjo instructional video [vimeo].
  • Three guys by the picnic table [utoob].

Lots of sites say this tune was written and first recorded by Joe Larose in 1980s.