North Carolina Breakdown

Chance McCoy fiddle, Ben Townsend banjo, Matt Metz guitar.

Square tune. Two parts. Key of G.

  • Fiddlin Arthur Smith [utoob non-video] wrote the tune.
  • Clifftop video by Moonshine [utoob ] of the MooseWhispers: Mattias Thedens fiddle, Jake Blount banjo, Ben Nelson guitar, Johann Miller bass.
  • Clifftop finalist video [utoob] of Steam Machine.
  • TV show [utoob] of Earl Scruggs and Paul Warren.
  • Erynn Marshall leads a jam at Spiral Cafe [utoob].
  • Instructional video for solo clawhammer banjo [utoob].
  • Clean solo fiddle by Emily Elam [utoob].