Big Ball's in Boston

Freight Hoppers with David Bass fiddling Big Ball's in Brooklyn.

Key of G. Lyrics include 1 chorus and 1 verse but both parts are the same. Also called "Big Ball's in Brooklyn" and "Big Ball's in Cowtown" and "Big Ball in Town."

  • This was performed by the Skillet Lickers in the 1920s [utoob]. We have the CD box set. There is a short clip here.
  • Jug band [utoob] does the Skillet Lickers version.
  • Hot Club of Cowtown trio live [utoob].
  • Electric blugrass [utoob] but nice singing.
  • Texas swing with drums [utoob] but three fiddles.


Working on the railroad, Sleeping on the groundEating soda crackers, Ten cents a pound.Big Ball's in Boston, Big Ball's in town.Big Ball's in Boston, Can't dare sit down.