Nail that Catfish to the Tree

Gravy Soppers and friends at Clifftop 2013

Key of G. Two parts. First part has chords G/D. Second part has chords C/G.

  • Jam [utoob] with Debbie Sorensen-Boeh on fiddle, Craig Evans on banjo from Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-time Music Association's Spring Kickoff.
  • The "Munich Beer Garden" plays in the corner of the living room [utoob]. Sound bounces around the room but you can hear great old time band togetherness. This looks to be 3 from a family. They have another video singing Waterbound. They look pretty bored till they start playing.
  • Volo Bogtrotters [utoob]. We saw them live in the 1990s and we bought their CD.
  • This odd site has graphics based on the song title, diagram of the chords, and mp3 recordings at several speeds.
  • Automaton-like banjo player [utoob].

Sing on the second part.

Nail... that... cat...Nail that catfish to the tree!Nail... that... cat...Nail that catfish down!