Old Jimmy Sutton

The New Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters with Eddie Bond, fiddler. Other videos are not as good: Blue Ridge [utoob; skip to 3:30], Henderson's [utoob], Fries [utoob].

Key of D (sometimes G). High part in key of A, low part in key of D.

  • Highwoods String Band 1970s CD called Feed your Babies Onions [amazon track].
  • Horse Flies CD called In the Dance Tent. (A new age version is on [myspace]. Don't bother.)
  • Some crazy folks having a great time in the garage [utoob]. Say Bahhh!
  • Tenor banjo, cello banjo, and banjerine! Pluse pep stepping. [utoob]
  • "Awful good banjo," she says after this living room jam [utoob]
  • Awful good fiddle bowing by Six Dollar String Band [utoob].
  • Dan Gellert cello banjo & sing on stage [utoob].


Grabbed my gun, I went huntin.Bang went the gun, down went the mutton. Sheep and Cow, walking through the pasture.Sheep said Cow, can't you walk a little faster?Cow said Sheep, I got a hurt toe.Sheep said Cow, I did not know.I don't like meat, I don't like nuttin.I don't give a blank for the old Jimmy Sutton.

Not to be confused with...

Sheeps and Hogs Walking through the Pasture is on a CD by Buddy Thomas [clip at Amazon].