Old Jimmy Sutton

The New Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters with Eddie Bond, fiddler. Other videos are not as good: Blue Ridge [utoob; skip to 3:30], Henderson's [utoob], Fries [utoob].

Key of D (sometimes G). High part in key of A, low part in key of D.

  • Highwoods String Band 1970s CD called Feed your Babies Onions [amazon track].
  • Horse Flies CD called In the Dance Tent. (A new age version is on [myspace]. Don't bother.)
  • Some crazy folks having a great time in the garage [utoob]. Say Bahhh!
  • Tenor banjo, cello banjo, and banjerine! Pluse pep stepping. [utoob]
  • "Awful good banjo," she says after this living room jam [utoob]
  • Awful good fiddle bowing by Six Dollar String Band [utoob].
  • Dan Gellert cello banjo & sing on stage [utoob].
  • Kirk Sutphin –Kevin Fore – Andy Edmonds Concert at Surry Community College [utoob]
  • Grayson & Whitter call a square dance in G [utoob non-video].


Grabbed my gun, I went huntin.Bang went the gun, down went the mutton. Sheep and Cow, walking through the pasture.Sheep said Cow, can't you walk a little faster?Cow said Sheep, I got a hurt toe.Sheep said Cow, I did not know.I don't like meat, I don't like nuttin.I don't give a blank for the old Jimmy Sutton.I like Sal and she likes chicken,I'll see Sal at the old cotton pickin.

Not to be confused with...

Sheeps and Hogs Walking through the Pasture is on a CD by Buddy Thomas [clip at Amazon].