Ragtime Annie

Ragtime Annie. Key of D. Three parts. Driving fast.

Key of D. Two or three parts. The optional third part is in key of G. (When we include the third part, we end on the second part so that it feels like a D tune.) The first part uses bow rocking on the fiddle's A and D strings. The second part is asymmetrical; it is a little different the second time through. The third part is very simple and is comparable to Little Brown Jug.

  • Texas fiddler Eck Robertson from 1920s with 3rd part [utoob]. We have the CD.
  • Solomon & Hughes. This old recording captures lots of goofs! Two fiddles, one guitar, three parts. [utoob]
  • Ryan Thomson from Last Chance String Band. Fiddle duet on stage. Two parts. [utoob]
  • Kenny Baker, one of the Bill Monroe Bluegrass boys, plays two parts only [utoob].
  • Commercial for a training video company [utoob]. Bluegrass style, two parts.
  • Jim Bright [utoob], 92 years old, fiddle & piano, two parts.
  • Slow solo fancy fiddle, good for learning [utoob].
  • Phil Greer [utoob]. The third part is the Lone Ranger theme .
  • Instructional banjo by Josh Turknett [utoob]. Two parts.


Part A (same chords twice)


Part B (the second take is a little different from the first)


Part C (same chords twice)