John Brown's Dream

Part Two of Tommy Jarrell 1983 [part one is mostly talking]

Key of A. At least three parts. If there is a fourth part, it is the same as the third but played one octave lower. If there is a fifth part, it is just a piece of the fourth played one more time to make the tune crooked. Fiddles should cross-tune (AEAE).

  • Trio includes Brittany Haas on 5-string fiddle at Takoma Park MD [utoob]. This is a great version!
  • Uncle Earl live [utoob] with their own take on it.
  • Midriffs at Mt. Airy 2007 [utoob], key of G.
  • Obama 2008 campaign video, "Yes We Can!" [utoob]
  • The FoamHenge Rounders [utoob] medley.
  • Jake Krack on stage at Clifftop 2013 [utoob] (second of two tunes)
  • Uncle Earl live video [utoob] and recorded [Internet Archive, track 13]
  • The New Hoosier Broadcasters [vimeo]
  • Liam Purcell [utoob] solo fiddle contestant at 12 years old.
  • Great fiddling on stage at Morehead KY [utoob]. Does anybody know who this is?
  • Bruce Molsky CD [amazon] clawhammer
  • Matthew DiPietro [sound cloud] clawhammer
  • New Lost City Ramblers CD [folkways] fiddle
  • Water Tower Bucket Boys [archive, click track 20]
  • Brittany Haas plays it slow [utoob, no video]


Sing this on the second part. "John Brown's Dream! John Brown's Dream! John Brown dreamed the devil was dead."