Five Miles from Town

Jam at Mt. Airy NC Festival. 10 minutes of fun. Mark Olitsky on banjo?

Key of D. Two parts. Very unusual structure for an old time tune. Fiddlers can tune up the G string to an A.

  • Clyde Davenport [mp3 on Slippery Hill, non-video on Utoob].
  • Mt. Airy jam [utoob] 10 minutes of fun.
  • It must be fun to jam with Bruce Molsky [utoob] at Tiki Parlor.
  • Pete Sutherland is joined by Brad Kolodner [utoob] live on stage.
  • Excellent music in the living room [utoob] with great fiddle moves by Kristen Harris.
  • Instructional video for solo fiddle [utoob] calls this Five Miles to Town.
  • Lauren Rioux on viola [utoob]. Medley warning! Jump to 1:57.
  • Claude Martin [photo retrospective on utoob].
  • Marth McDonnell [utoob] video is called Files Miles to Town.
  • Echo Mountain [utoob] in the classroom.
  • Easy to watch the banjo fingering [utoob] on this promo for Ozark Mt. Banjo Co.

Tune structure

Written with multiple time signatures [pdf] but I think of it like this:

Low part = 4 x ( 4 beats ) + TagHigh part = 3 x ( 5 beats ) + Tag.Tag = 2 x ( 4 beats ).

Not to be confused with...

  • "Five Miles to Town" is a different tune. John Sharp [mp3 at Slippery Hill].
  • "Five Miles from Town" is a different tune. Everett & Danny Kays [Berea].
  • "Five Miles of Ellum Wood" is a different tune. Clifftop 2016 [utoob].