Jaybird Died of the Whooping Cough

Square tune. Two parts. Key of G.

  • Virginia's John Ashby [mp3 at OldTimeSeatle].
  • Canote Brothers teach this tune at their stringband camp in Seattle. Slow recordings are here [mp3 and pdf at PSU] and here [mp3 and pdf at MossyRoof].
  • Bill Schmidt and green balloons at Rehoboth Beach DE.
  • Solo banjo would be more helpful if you could see his fingers instead of his scotch.
  • Square dance video [skip to 1:00 for music] at Square Dance History Project.

Not to be confused with...

Don't think about it, but one part of this tune sounds like Shove that Pig's Foot a little Further in the Fire.

TuneArch says this tune is also known as Here Comes Jack with a Fiddle on his Back.

The deceased Jaybird is not to be confused with the living Jaybird played here by an Irish trio or the great old time fiddler, Truman Price.