Liberty off the Corn Liquor Still

Played by Blockader. Tuned a bit flat.

Key of G. Two parts. Both parts have some extra notes at the lead-in. Both parts are similar and both end with the same phrase.

  • Skillet Lickers recorded it several times. We found versions on YouTube [non-video] and Slippery-Hill [mp3]. They play one of each part except when they play two of each part.
  • Highwoods String Band [utoob non-video] from the CD, Fire on the Mountain. They play one of each part. They emphasize the tag. They are tuned sharp.
  • Sausage Grinder on stage [utoob]. Two of each part.
  • Recorded by the band Fiddle Pie [CD track].
  • Slow recording by the Mudhole Stompers [CD track at Amazon].
  • Even slower jam at Charlotte Folk Society slow jam.
  • J-Walk recorded a jam [soundcloud] with a woodpecker it seems.

There are versions by the Skillet Lickers, Highwoods String Band (extra notes in 2nd part) and John Ashby (slightly different 2nd part). Lots of goofiness makes this tune hard to learn from paper but here goes. There is sheet music from the UK and probably better chords here in the US. We have it in the Phillips Collection (John Ashby version) and the Milliner-Koken Collection (Skillet Licker version) and the Fiddler FakeBook (John Ashby version).

How did the tune get its name? You hear the Skillet Lickers [utoob] say they will play "Liberty, off the Corn Liquor Still and God help us to get it right." They refer to their album called The Corn Liquor Still in Georgia. It seems this tune was just called Liberty. We are glad to have to longer name on this tune so as to distinguish it from the old time fiddle tune just called Liberty. See the longer story at Voyager Records.