Possum's Tail is Bare

Beautiful solo performance by an unknown cellist.

Key of D. Two parts. Square tune. Modal tune with a C chord.

  • WV fiddler Melvin Wine on the Berea digital archive [broken link] or PDF.
  • David Bragger fiddle lesson on YouTube: slow or medium.
  • Banjo lesson by Tim Rowell.
  • Intricate solo banjo by String Chickens.
  • Pig's Foot String Band live on radio [band, track]
  • Another page just like this one, on another site just like this one.
  • Gunsmoke TV show exploited the romantic appeal of these lyrics.
  • On this video, the possums are not in focus either.

Not to be confused with...

  • Possum on a Rail
  • Alternate spelling: Opossum.
  • Old time musicians are wont to ponder varmint evolution. The Possum's Tail song is about the peculiarities of marsupial caudal anatomy and so it presents much to cogitate.


Squirrel's got a bushy tail but Possum's tail is bare.Rabbit's got no tail at all, just a little bitty clump of hair.Possum's tail is bare, Possum's tail is bare.Old coon's tail is ringed all around but Possum's tail is bare.