WV fiddler Melvin Wine fiddles Rachel in Mt. Airy NC 1992.

Square tune. Two parts. Key of D. Lots of notes but they are mostly the 3 chord notes of the tune's 3 chords.

  • Centralia Campout jam with Howie Meltzer [utoob].
  • There is a nice solo fretless banjo rendition in A at Banjo Hangout.
  • Fiddle and cello banjo in the basement [utoob]. Lots of notes!
  • It is on a Kirk Sutphin CD that is out of print.
  • Transcription of Melvin Wine's version [Dr. Fiddle].
  • Grace Forrest at Clifftop [utoob].

Texas Quickstep is the same tune.

  • Bill Monroe and Jimmy Campbell [utoob] (bluegrass).
  • The Red Headed Fiddlers [utoob, Amazon clip].
  • Washington Old Time Fiddle Assoc [mp3 at wotfa].

Not to be confused with...

Rachel and Texas Quickstep are different names for the same tune.

Rachel is also the name for a different tune! For example, Taylor Kimble plays a tune called "Rachel" [mp3 on SlipperyHill and Milliner-Koken book] that sounds like Liberty. Some people say you can tell old time tunes apart by the names, but actually, you cannot.