Big Scioty

Drake Elliot on guitar, Cole Gage on mandolin, and Josh Turner on banjo. They start off saying they'll play this one slowly because they were beat. They did it again when they were older, saying, "My arms are killing me!"

Key of G. Two parts. Square tune. Named after the Scioto River in Ohio. There is a quick G/D/G at the end of each part.

  • Centralia Parlor Pickers has an old timey recording
  • The Short Hill Mountain Boys of Lovettsville VA have a recording on MySpace.
  • Bing Brothers. We have the CD [rip, utoob].
  • Dan Levinson, solo banjo [utoob].
  • Sheet music [pdf] from J dot Brady.
  • Solo fiddle mp3 at OldTimeSeattle.
  • Rachel Eddy at Clifftop 2009 [utoob]. Rain on the tent sounds like an old 78 LP.
  • David McLaughlin banjo + Mike Compton mandolin [toob].
  • The Westbound Rangers sing the words [tube]. Banjo lead. Guitar lead.
  • The Jaywalkers also sing the words [tube]. Fancy fiddling. Mandolin lead.
  • Fancy video with big names and Irish sound [utoob]. Features Aly Bain, Jay Ungar, Molly Mason, Jerry Douglas, etc. Not our favorite.
  • Allan Block & Martha Burns on stage 1986 [utoob]


East and west the highway rolls. Lord have mercy on my poor soul.What's you gonna do with the baby-O? What's you gonna do with the baby-O?When the river's deep and the river's wide and the devil waits on every side.I can't go home again, I can't go home again.