Explanation of Blaine Smith's version of Old Chattanooga.

Key of G. Two parts. We learned it at Clifftop. This is a seemingly simple tune but actually there is a lot going on. What sounds like an Em chord can be played as a G+E two-note chord, or as alternating E/D/E/D notes, or as alternating C/G/C/G chords. The tune is sometimes called Old Chattanooga.

  • The Blaine Smith recording is on Slippery Hill [mp3] and Utoob. The Blaine Smith version is transcribed in the Phillips Collection. It is also in the Milliner-Koken collection. The recording is in a key somewhere between F and G.
  • The Haints recorded it in a medley (Medley Warning!) with Sheeps and Hogs Walking thru the Pasture (which has the same words but not the same notes as Old Jimmy Sutton). We have the Haints' CD, Shout Monah, and we highly recommend it. You can watch the Haints perform it live [one,two]. The Haints perform this tune live in key of G but on their CD they seem to be tuned down to F. Someone else turned the Haints medley into an instructional CD for fiddle & banjo [utoob].
  • Live in Chattanooga: twin fiddles [utoob]; fiddle + clog [utoob].
  • Played slow at a living room jam [toob].