Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase

Freight Hoppers with David Bass on fiddle.

Long Branch Ramblers: Aaron Jonah Lewis , Ben Townsend, Sabra Guzmán.

Key of C. The repeat structure is AABBCC. The dogs bark on the B parts. Each A and B part has 8 beats each but each C part has 16 beats. There is an extra beat between some parts: once before the second A and once before the first C. Also, the last note of the 2nd C part is actually the first note of the 1st A part; it's called anticipation. Got that?

  • This was recorded in 1927 by Vance's Tennessee Breakdowners [utoob video or mp3 on slippery hill] who called it the Washington County Fox Chase. Not much is known about Vance, says a 2008 PhD dissertation. The track was re-issued on the Roots 'n' Blues compilation [wikipedia] and Rural String Bands of Tennessee [County].
  • Big Hungry Joe from Denmark play it cleanly with a little barking. Great clawhammer. Filmed at a library with zoom in so you can really see what the banjo player is doing [utoob]. They were filmed learning the tune at home the night before [utoob]; it comes together midway.
  • Bruce Molsky pick up band [utoob] with Rushad Eggleston on cello; skip to 1:00 for music. Bruce Molsky & Rafe Stefanini as the Jumpsteady Boys live [utoob and utoob].
  • Danny Knicely & Nate Leath [utoob] on stage.
  • Ken Perlman [utoob] mastered the melodic style of hitting every note on the clawhammer banjo. No fiddle required.
  • Another fancy solo banjo [mp3 on BanjoHangout] in open C tuning.
  • From Brooklyn NY, the Dust Busters [utoob].
  • Bernard Mollberg (banjo maker) and Trent Shepherd on the porch [utoob].
  • Jam footage shows good banjo part [utoob].
  • This song is track 16 on the great CD, "All I've Got's Done Gone" with Rhys Jones [amazon].
  • The Younger Gang [utoob] has nice licks. Drums warning!
  • Tyler Andal & Clelia Stefanini [utoob] on stage at Clifftop 2016.
  • The Power Jam in Tennessee [utoob].
  • PERFECT playing by the Macrae sisters [utoob non-video].

Not to be confused with

  • Fox Chase [tube] by Cyril Stinnett with Dave Copeland.